Know Your Book Blogger #1

Hi everyone!

So week after week, I jump aboard the blog hops and answer questions about my favourite books, authors and characters. And I really enjoy these! I love being able to share my thoughts with you all, and then go to all your blogs and check out your answers as well!

But I noticed there’s not really a blog hop out there that tells people much about YOU the blogger! When I started Book Nerd Reviews, it was for myself primarily to show my love for reading. It was also an outlet to help me make more friends online who also shared my love of books. And so far, I have met some amazing bloggers! But do our readers ever really know that much about us?

So in the spirit of trying something new… I am starting my own weekly meme. Each Sunday (Australian time!) I will be posting a random question - thanks to Plinky and I’ll answer it here. If you want to answer it as well, simply link back to us here and answer the question on your blog. Leave your link here too and then visit others who have participated! It’s a quick way to make new blogger friends!

This weeks question is:

Q. Name three things that are worth waiting in long lines for.

1. Meeting a celebrity or author - it’s times like these where you go *expecting* to have to wait in a queue. So I don’t mind waiting around.

2. Lining up for merchandise at a concert - which let’s face it, is never really a clear cut line. It’s just a bunch of people pushing and shoving trying to get in front of you, combined with having your toes stepped on. It’s never a fun experience. Longest I waited was at Pink’s concert, half an hour to get a program, tote bag and lanyard.

3. The line to go to the ladies room at sports events… it’s always out the door, but I will wait as long as necessary, since it’s better than the alternative! lol The longest I have waited in these lines is probably 20 minutes? Which when you’re about to burst is massive!

Once you answer this weeks question, leave your link below!