YA Memes

Memes! I won’t lie, it’s a bit of an obsession of mine… I love having a good chuckle at memes that pop up on my Facebook or Tumblr, and I love sites like knowyourmeme.com that actually explain the meaning behind where a lot of these memes came from. I love how they’ve become a part of pop culture and something we’re all familar with! So allow me to share some of my favourite YA memes!

To clarify to the hardcore fans, I am a fan of all of the books and TV show spinoffs and movies below. Memes are a joke.. tongue in cheek commentary if you will. None of the below is serious!

As more pop up, I’ll add to the collection! Alternatively, I can create any meme you like! Got a funny idea? Let me know at: booknerdreviews@gmail.com

The Hunger Games

Harry Potter


The Mortal Instruments

Dexter Series

Pretty Little Liars

Twilight Saga

John Green Memes

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