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I want to post a review on the three special edition Muse of Nightmares boxes I have purchased from subscription box companies: Behind the Pages, Illumicrate and LitJoy. I was planning on doing one post including all reviews, but due to delays I have decided to separate them.

I will post links to other box reviews on the posts once they have gone up.

My first review is for the Monsters & Muses box from Behind the Pages. This review contains spoilers. All reviews will be an honest review. Reviews include comments on content, price and postage.

Behind the Pages: Monsters & Muses box

Summary: The Monsters & Muses box was Behind the Pages’ September box filled with bath and body products inspired by Laini Taylor. This box was to include 6 bath/body products, 2 special items and a print.

Cost: $52.50 total. ($38.50 for box, $14 for shipping)

Contents: I ordered the “bath” box. A few items are different for the shower or mixed boxes.

  • Zuzik large soap (Zuz and Mik ship soap)
  • Warlords Masquerade Ball Face Mask
  • Citadel Body Lotion
  • Larai small soap (Sara and Lazlo ship soap)
  • Goblin Fruit Lip Balm
  • Ziri Bath Crumble
  • Evanescence Incense
  • Lazlo Journal

Thoughts on contents: I LOVED everything about this box! The bath and body products smell divine and are of high quality. The scents reflect the aspects of the stories perfectly. Even if some of the scents aren’t my favourite (I hate sandalwood), they are mixed and balanced brilliantly. What I loved is that this box is a mix of Laini Taylor’s titles (Lips Touch, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Night of Cake and Puppets, and Strange the Dreamer) and also a mix of characters, events and places. I was highly surprised to find that the incense was one of my favourite scents, as I never imagined evanescence to smell good.

Favourite item: Oh that is so hard!! I mean, this is a bath/body product box, but just look at that journal! My heart can’t handle how beautiful it is with all its foily goodness. I am in love! So both the extra products (journal and incense) are favourites, along with the lip balm and lotion.

Shipment time: 6 days. Standard Australian shipment time to me.

Thoughts on shipment: The pricing is to be expected for Australian shipment. Shipment notification was sent the day it was sent and was as accurate and updated as much as expected.

Overall thoughts: I loved this box! All the products are of high quality, and would definitely buy again. As this box is based in Australia it is highly affordable for us Aussies - I am unsure on international shipping prices to compare.

Rating: 5/5


Overall experience on purchasing this box:

I really could not be happier with my purchase. I honestly couldn’t be. I loved everything about it - and even though I didn’t know what to expect from some of the scents, I really cannot fault any of them. I love all the scents, even though none of them are actually what I would normally go for (no vanilla in sight).

I loved the fact that the box was varied across all of Laini’s titled, and that the scents are relevant to the character/event/item they are for. They are not randomly thrown together scents, they are in fact scents connected to the relevant bookish aspect.

And I loved the fact that not only the scents, but the items themselves were paired with relevant items. Such as the Lips Touch item being a lip balm, and the Warlord’s Masquerade Ball being a face mask. A lot of thought has gone into this box!

Further images of individual items are below.

And also, Behind the Pages is selling some extra items from this box. If you would like to grab yourself an item, head over to their website. (and yes, that notebook is one of them!)


General information:

Location: I am based in Australia, so comments relating to shipping are based on that. I am located in nearly the furthest place possible, for both Australian and internationally based boxes. So this would be a good estimate based on worst case scenario.

Shipping: I know once the item has left the subscription box companies hand, it is out of their control. But they have chosen these carriers, so there is an element of this that does reflect on the company. I do not attribute the delivery itself to the company, either positive or negative, but I do judge them based on who they choose to use. I also know that these companies have limited control over pricing of shipment, as they are set by the carriers and the only choice the company has is which carrier they choose (which sometimes is limited).

Price: All prices are in AUD unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer: I am friends with two owners of the companies from which I have made these purchases. I did however pay for these boxes and the fact I am friends with the company owner has has not impacted my review in any way. Money talks people.


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