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Hi readers, I’m Melissa… my friends call me Mel and you can too. I started Book Nerd Reviews on April 24th 2011 as a way of keeping tabs on what I’ve read and my thoughts on each book, and it’s turned into something huge over the years.

A bit about me. So I am 30 years old, and I live in Geelong (near Melbourne), Australia.

For me, my love affair with books has been a life long one. I was always reading as a kid, and books were always around to comfort me. I remember having the chicken pox for 2 weeks when I was about 11 and reading book after book (Enid Blyton books and The Babysitters Club nonetheless!). And I remember having an obsession with Goosebumps books when I was 12. I read every single one R.L. Stein released. I would borrow them from my school library and read them in bed each night.

For me, the library has always been a place I can go for a bit of peace and solitude My homelife as a child was a dysfunctional and chaotic, and so the library acted as an escape for me. I would spend a lot of lunchtimes at school (both primary and high school) getting swept up in books.

As an adult, well, it’s true that books have always remained a constant companion, but I’ve gone through phases in my life where my priorities have shifted and I didn’t read as much as other times. But I’ve always had a bookshelf, and my books have always meant something to me!

My passion for YA is what made me start Book Nerd Reviews, and three years later whilst I have a special place in my heart for YA, my reading preferences have changed a little towards comics and graphic novels. So these days, you’ll see my contribution to the blog skewed towards comics.

I’m friendly and approachable and easy to get in contact with if you want to say hello! My email address is booknerdreviews@gmail.com and my Twitter account is @booknerdreviews. Add me, say hello - I do not bite! ;)





Hi there. I am Kristy, co-blogger at Book Nerd Reviews! But other than that, I am a girl in her early thirties who lives in Antarctica. Well, not really, but close enough – I am in Tasmania, Australia.

I love reading (obviously), and I love talking about books! My TBR is forever growing, and I do feel guilty about all these wonderful books waiting to be read, so my goal in life is to one day read them all (I know, I dream big!). I also have many “quirks” when it comes to books - I am sure you will see me talking about them from time to time.

When it comes to reading, my reading tastes vary on my mood – I don’t feel stuck to genres. My preferences generally lay with fantasy, contemporary, dystopian and,paranormal – although I will pretty much read anything that is fiction and has the ability to suck me away into its world! My favourite author is without a doubt Laini Taylor (if you haven’t read her work, I will hound you until you do). But there are so many other authors that I like, such as Kiersten White, Sarah J Maas, Colleen Hoover, Maggie Stiefvater, Melissa Marr, Suzanne Collins, John Green, Stephanie Perkins and JK Rowling. The list really could go on for ever - all types of authors, I even have some favourite illustrators! (I really think art should be incorporated into YA books more often. And if you were wondering, my favourite artist is Jim Di Bartolo).

I spend my free time reading, hanging out with my friends (who thankfully have great taste in books as well), watching movies, listening to music and having a laugh. I also love to travel, whenever possible. There might also be a slight possibility I am addicted to social media.

I love meeting new people – so, feel free to drop me a line, or follow me! My email address is kristybooknerdreviews@gmail.com, Twitter ID is @KristyBookNerd or you can look me up on Goodreads: Kristy (Book Nerd Reviews)

PS: That photo of me is from the most amazing experience of my life! I got to meet my idol - Laini Taylor! And although it is a terrible picture of me (fangirlling in a stinking hot room isn’t great for those Kodak moments), it will be probably be the only picture you ever get of me :)




Hi. I am Carolyn. I am a native Western Australian, but I have recently moved to Antarctica as well (so now Kristy has someone to whinge to about the cold weather).

I don’t really review much anymore, but used to type up reviews for Goodreads, but nowadays normal life just gets in the way too much. But considering I now have access to Kristy’s books (well, at times), and she is kindly letting me read them (trust me, this is a big deal, she doesn’t lend her books to people - I feel special), I thought I would post a review or two around here.

I enjoy all kinds of books, both YA and adult; crime/thriller, paranormal, contemporary and fantasy - although sometimes I find fantasy just a little too much if I read too many in a row. I enjoy both traditionally published and indie authors, and I also love audiobooks! My favourite authors include Sarah J Maas, Laini Taylor (obviously, Kristy would disown me), Cassie Mae, Theresa Paolo, Jay Kristoff and Kiersten White.

If you feel like chatting about books or authors, you can find me on Goodreads or over on Twitter at @car1326.



Hi there! My name is Jocie (Jaw-cee). I’m 18 years old, and from the Sunshine State of Australia.

Reading has always been a huge thing in my life. My Dad has always said that the sole reason I love it so is because he used to read me to sleep every night, and of course ‘science-has-shown-that-that-means-you-will-read-much-more-now.’ My Mum, on the other hand, has always argued that she’s an English teacher, so of course I’m going to love reading. It’s in my blood. I like to think that it’ a little bit of both, but don’t tell either of them that.

Since I’ve been little, my favourite authors have varied greatly. I read pretty much anything. Meg Cabot, Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Dessen, I love you (and your men. Cricket, be a real person!). Jane Austen, thank you for making me see the light. Stephenie Meyer, you’re to blame for my YA obsession (I’m not such a fan of her now, but she is the one who started it).

My favourite authors as of right now in this moment are: Sarah J Maas (I single handedly got my boss to start stocking her books at my work – this is a feat, trust me. It’s a problem), Nova Ren Suma, Gayle Forman, and Samantha Shannon. I’ll stop here because otherwise we’ll go on forever.

Other things I like to do aren’t all that interesting. I write, I panic about the future, and I try to stay in contact with friends. Oh, and travelling. It’s a minor obsession. All you need to know is that my poor uni-self wishes she could do more of it.

If you’d like to talk to me (though lord knows why), my twitter is @terreritajocie. If you’d like to contact me for some more one-on-one, you can email me at thisisjocie@gmail.com. Type me up – we’ll have a blast. :)