Authors - Publishers:

I’m happy to accept books for review, whether from authors or publishing companies. At this stage I am not accepting self-published book as I want my reviews to be on books that are readily available to the public. I am happy to accept advanced reading copies/editions, paperback books and hardcover books. ARC’s will take priority over any other book I receive.

When it comes to books I want to review, I can be somewhat selective. I read books that I think look interesting to me, and since reading is a passion of mine, it makes sense that I would read about things I love also. Please don’t take offence if I decline your offer to review your book, it’s no disrespect to the author, but simply a personal decision. I will always reply to every email though, so you will receive my decision one way or another.

Types of books that I love and will review:

As this is a YA website, I am open to all things YA. In particular I love paranormal fiction, dystopian, contemporary, thrillers, horror, chick-lit, zombies, vampires etc.

If it’s not listed above, you can always at least ask me and I will email a response. :) I am not simply limited to these categories but these are the ones I love the most.

Books I do not review/have no interest in:

Erotica, books with religious undertones or themes, self-published books. Science fiction will depend on the book. My general experience is that I am not much of a fan, but I do like apocalyptic themed stories and paranormal, so again.. depends on the book.

How long it takes for me to post a review:

It all depends on my work load to be honest. I will usually finish a book anywhere between a couple of days - 5 days or so, and can have a review up that quickly, but if I have a lot of plans that don’t surround reading then it will take longer. I cannot guarantee that I can review every single book sent to me, but I will always endeavor to do my best.

Note: I have a full time job, friends, family and hobbies. Reading is just one of my hobbies, so I can’t always provide you with a time frame of when I will finish reading a book, since I read in my spare time, as well as when I am travelling and things like that. I will always make an effort to get ARC’s read before the release date however.

My reviews always include the book cover, and a synopsis on the book itself (From Goodreads). I do my best to not give away spoilers, and if there is spoilers, there is always an alert before it.

I will always review honestly and give my opinion based on my reading experience with the book. This being said, if I have something not nice to say, I will keep it tactful of course. At the end of the day though, the reviews are my opinion and I will always make my thoughts clear.

I publish my reviews on this website, Goodreads and Library Thing currently.

DISCLOSURE: All books I receive for review are from either the publisher or the author. I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Other books I review are books I have purchased from stores directly.


If you would like to get in contact with me, or if you have any questions or feedback about a review you may have read, or alternatively publishers that would like to get in contact with me to review a book, you can email me at booknerdreviews@gmail.com