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I am back! After spending majority of this week off work with the flu! It was absolutely horrid, I haven’t been that sick in YEARS! So I apologise now for lack of updates (and lack of any reading really too.. eek!) but hope that you can forgive me.. just this once. hehe

I started reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, and then I got a few books in the mail this week (which cheered me up a little), and like a moth to the flame I was drawn to Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and what started off as “just reading the first chapter to see what it’s like” has now become me… reading the book instead of City of Ashes. I feel so guilty… like ditching one date for another! So I will have this review up shortly, as I am still reading, but flying through it now that I am better!

BLOG HOP TIME! *dances*

“What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked? Which have you disliked?”

People are going to think I am a teeny bopper twi-hard for saying this, but I actually really liked the first Twilight movie compared to the book. I thought the casting was spot on, the important quotes were in the movie word for word, the bluish tint to the whole movie really set the mood, the music was beautiful. Confession time.. I saw the movie before I read the book! And the movie made me want to read the book. So yeah.

Also liked Tomorrow When The War Began (Australian book & subsequent film)… I thought the movie adaptation stayed SO true to the book. I loved it.

Hrrrm…. disliked. Let me see… pretty much most of Stephen King’s books turned into movies. Fail.

I might be hated for saying this, but I really didn’t like The Lovely Bones movie. When I read the book, I was a teenager, and it meant so much to me at the time. And I had this whole world based on the characters descriptions mapped out in my mind and could “see” it all. And the movie just took everything I thought of this world and crushed it.

And the Da Vinci Code was pretty disappointing compared to the movie too.

Q. How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

Eh. I am a slow reader, no shock there. I might read maybe 2 books a week? Usually a combination of ebook and actual book, depending on what I feel like reading or whatever format I can get a book. Because I live in Australia, it’s sometimes easier for me to buy an ebook from places like and then I don’t have to wait for shipping, I can read then and there (I am impatient, okay? lol).

What do you think?

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