Superpowers review

Sorry, no update yesterday! I have had a pretty busy weekend. I can say however, that I did finish Superpowers: A Novel by David J Schwartz and there is a review up now too!

I am currently getting stuck into Sisters Red by the amazing and talented Jackson Pearce! I am finding I am eager to push next on my Kobo reader as I get into this! And even though I am only about 55 pages in, I think it’s safe to say I am a fan and I will definitely be getting the next book she releases - Sweetly.

New video will be up…. hrrm tomorrow? Should be tomorrow. I will show of my book haul and talk about some upcoming reads that I am looking forward to starting also!

Doing this website has made me realise one thing - and that is that I never used to read one category of books. I still don’t think I am defined by one category as such, but I think it’s safe to say I am definitely branching off into the world of YA books. I am finding some amazing books that I never would have thought to have read if it wasn’t for a whole bunch of blogs I have been reading and vlogs I have found and have been following also! And if my reviews help people find a read they never thought to try before, well I am happy too. :)

Take care readers, video tomorrow!!

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