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“When did you realize reading was your passion and a truly important part of your life?”

There is two answers for me. Probably the first time I fell in love with reading would have been between the ages of 9 and 14. Things weren’t always good at home and at 12 my parents were divorced, so books took me to a better place, a world of fantasy and fun and imagination. I have so many fond memories of reading Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Baby-Sitters Club, Goosebumps and other books.

I fell out of touch with it as a teenager. Between school, friends and other responsibilities it fell by the wayside. I sometimes read here and there, but it wasn’t a constant in my life. It wasn’t until I was 21 or so I fell back in love with reading. And I’m even more passionate about it now that I discovered the YA genre thanks to Twilight. Before that, it was all true crime, crime fiction and general adult fiction which was good, but I wasn’t passionate about it. YA captures my imagination like books did when I was a child. It’s special.

Readers, how about you?

What do you think?

  • Alison says:

    Hopping through. I love how books can take you away.
    Babysitter’s Club was a huge part of my life. I read them over and over.
    My Hop

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