Now for something a little bit different…

Hey readers!

Yes, I’ve change the site around a little and given it a bit of a different look. I’ve tried to do it with minimal down time! I’ve changed the look purely for functionality purposes. Unfortunately with WordPress, I don’t have complete customisation of the colours and that type of thing, which is a shame, because I am not loving the colours, but on the bright side, I get to display a banner more promenantly, which I enjoyed making and I think will be okay in the long run.

I’m still sticking with the Halloween theme for now! And then after Halloween I’ll do another banner… time to get the creative juices flowing!!

Eventually, the aim is to have a site completely customised for me, and I can change everything I want to. Unfortunately whilst I know how to run a site, HTML and I are mere aquaintances so it looks like I will need to look into hiring someone for help with that - and on my budget that can’t happen anytime soon.

Thanks for your patience though! I’m constantly trying to deliver the best possible website that I can to you all! :)

What do you think?

  • Sherre says:

    I like the new page. Its pretty and basic with not too many bells and whistles which I feel tends to clog up pages at times

  • I love this, so clean. And perfect for the season :-)

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