That conversation you have…

Is it just me, or do we all have those awkward moments, when someone asks you what you’re reading… and you freeze. And then you think about the best way to explain it. My conversations usually go something like this:

Colleague/Friend: What’s that your reading there?
Me: Oh, just a book… it’s kind of a young adult book.
C/F: *blank stare*
Me: You know, like it’s aimed at teens or whatever, but it’s actually amazing… it’s a dystopian novel…
C/F: Ohhhh… *clearly no idea what dystopian means*
Me: Um.. so it’s kind of like set in the future, but it’s not sci-fi… and it’s like this broken corrupt Government that is in charge and…. *goes into a long winded explaination*
C/F: Oh cool.. (Clearly just wanted the 10 second summary)
Me: Yeah… it’s good.

Is that just me? I mean, sure at times I can be socially awkward. I have a lot of friends but not really many of them read really, so it’s hard for me to explain these things. Which sucks.. cause it’s a passion of mine.

Which is why I love coming here so much. I can say dystopian around here without blank stares. ;)

And why is it that the whole young adult thing even needs to be mentioned?? I don’t know why I do that, like I have to try and justify the fact that I am a 27 year old that loves YA fiction. But I do. Each and every time. And then when I tell myself that next time I won’t do that…… I go and do it. Sigh. Some things never change!

Tell me I am not alone in this! So how do we conquer the conversations we have with non-book folk that are curious? :)

What do you think?

  • VeganYANerds says:

    Yes! I completely understand and it’s especially odd when you’re waiting at an appointment and then have to explain the book you’re reading, sometimes I’ll take a different book with me if I don’t to have to explain.

  • fishgirl182 says:

    luckily i work with some awesome people who love books just as much as me and others who at least understand that i love to read. but i still have those awkward moments at times trying to explain a book, especially when it’s got paranormal elements in it. i say just skip the ya part and launch into a full blown synopsis of the book. people will either be interested or not, but it’s up to them to decide.

  • Barmy_Bex says:

    I totally do the same as you. I always feel like I should justify why I’m reading YA, but it’s nothing to be ashamed about, the books are fab! We really need to stop doing that.
    I tend to bore people with some long-winded summary of the book, as I can never summarise it in person- especially if they give me blank stares, makes me feel like I need to explain more so they will understand it but it just ends in more confusion.

    I’ve started to just hand the book over with the synopsis up so they can read that, see what they think and I don’t have to explain it. If they show further interest great! if not, we can move on.
    Totally depends on who I am talking to though. :D

    • Melissa says:

      OH!! That is such a simple idea, but great!! Next time, I will hand them the book (if I am not reading my Kindle), and let them read the synopsis themselves! So much better than fumbling my way through an explanation that is awkward at best. lol

  • Haha…I’ve had this conversation SO many times. And after it’s done I’m always like, “Why did I speak in so many question marks?!?!” (“um? it’s a young adult book? about vampires? and it’s pretty good?”) I think this wouldn’t happen to me if I wasn’t so self-conscious about my reading tastes-I just need to get bolder I guess.

  • Megan says:

    Definitely been there…
    It can be annoying and makes me feel like an idiot, even though it should totally be the other way around.
    I feel like I can only explain books to readers, otherwise I get stared at funny. And if it’s a particularly long or thick book, I usually get the whole, “WOW, I can’t believe you are going to read all that.”

    • Melissa says:

      I hear you. My website is my way of connecting with other readers… people who *get* it. I don’t have to tell my readers what YA stands for and basic things about the types of books we love!

      I DO love recommending books though, but I need to just perhaps find a better way to describe it. I’ve only just figured out a good way of describing the plot of the Hunger Games without it sounding terrible. haha

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