Goodbye LA - Hello Disneyland!

Hey readers, how are we?

I thought I would quickly update and let you all know how my USA trip is going in a nutshell!

I just spent the last 4 days in West Hollywood, and had the most amazing time with my friend. Of course when you’re in Hollywood you need to do a Hollywood tour of the stars homes, and we started there. Corny, and you coudn’t see anything, but hey…we did it! We got to spend some time in Bel Air, Beverley Hills, Hollywood Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard and of course our neighbourhood which was amazing… we were in a predominantly Mexican neighbourhood not really used to tourists. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We met some incredible people and learnt their stories, and some friends I will keep for a lifetime. Also saw some really crazy stuff that I am still trying to process as well! LA is a city that is certainly not inhibited in any way, shape or form. So different to home!

So today we packed up and left LA and we’re now in Anaheim, excited to go to Disneyland! We think we will go tonight before the fireworks to check it out and then we have two full days there to really experience it!

Not buying a lot of books here cause they weigh so much in my bag! But I am having the trip of a lifetime! I hope to be able to update maybe once or twice more over the trip to say hello and let you know what I am up to! I hope you’re all well and good too!


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