What will you be seeing in 2013?

Good morning everyone. :)

I’ve been putting my feelers out there on Twitter for some time now asking people questions about what they want to see, and receiving feedback from you about what you like about Book Nerd Reviews at the moment. So I’ve been compiling a bit of a ‘wish list’ of things I want to do on this site next year to make things more fun, innovative, up to date and fresh, and I wanted to share my intentions here.

My list is not conclusive at this stage and I actually have quite a lot of exciting ideas and projects that I want to try in 2013 with other forms of media to start with. But my credo in life is to under-promise and to over-deliver, and I don’t want to promise you things that are in the very tentative stages right now.But I do want to talk about the definites!

Something I feel is missing from Book Nerd Reviews at present, and I’ve wanted to do for a while, but have always either been too late to the party or not organised enough for is cover reveals. I love getting a bit of a sneak peak at new covers, and I am promising this in 2013. I finally have myself sorted and in a position where I am going to share these as soon as I get my hands on them! I am VERY excited about this!

Reviews: In 2013 I am going to deliver more than I did in 2012. Currently the books are coming out faster than I can possibly keep up. I am committing more time to reading and reviewing in 2013. I also have the help of my work colleague Erica and I will expect in 2013 that she’ll be a semi-regular contributor, so you have more reviews more often and a wider scope of opinion and genres.

If you’re a regular to BNR, you will have noticed I have launched a few original features on the site this year. I can happily announce now that they are here to stay.

  • The YA Memes project is something I am proud of. I have put in a lot of hours sourcing and creating original memes as content for this site in 2012. I have had really positive feedback from you about this and so I will continue to do this in the new year.
  • Speaking of feedback, I’ve received great feedback that people are enjoying my original feature I Found It On Etsy Saturdays. I am keeping this feature for now also. It may remain permanent, or perhaps semi-permanent. I won’t force myself to post things if I don’t find anything of interest, so as long as I have something cool to share, it stays.
  • Nailart Inspired By Fiction has been very well received and is probably one of my personal favourite weekly spots, as I enjoy nailart a lot when I’m not reading. I am working hard to constantly source more material for you all. As long as I can keep finding pics, this stays also!

I will be doing more regular feedback sessions and questionnaires early 2013 to gauge a little more specifically what it is you would like to see more of on BNR also - I am keen to see what you’re all interested in!

As I said earlier, there’s a few things I have planned at present, and if things pan out well, then this is just the beginning. I am still passionate about this site and about everyone of you who regularly visits me and takes the time to read reviews and comments.

I just want to say thank you for your continued support, and I hope I can pay this back to you in 2013 with even more original content and FUN!

Stay tuned! xx

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