Current Cover Trend: Big Bold Type

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussie bloggers and readers out there!! I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating everything that makes us Australian. :)

I was on Goodreads this morning having a look at the upcoming 2013 releases when I noticed a pattern emerging with some of this years releases. I saw enough of them to make me wonder if there’s a new trend about to emerge. Big BOLD type. The kind that takes up the whole book space. And if the word is too long, just continue it on the next line. I like it. :) Here’s just some of what I found this morning:

The Lives We Lost - Megan Crewe

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer

Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz

‘Til The World Ends - Julie Kagawa

Rush - Eve Silver

The Prey - Andrew Fukuda

What do you think?

  • Lynn K. says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day! :D

    Apart from ‘Til The World Ends (which I wished was the cover of Eternity Cure instead of the current one) I’m not really a fan of covers like these unless it’s done like:

  • Jaz says:

    Woah I didn’t actually notice that but there is definitely a pattern! Gonna be keeping an eye out now :P

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