Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Authors That I’d Put On My Auto-Buy List (basically an auto-buy list is no questions love this author so much that no matter what they wrote next you’d buy regardless of genre or subject matter)

Oh, so many authors! I narrowed it down to my top 10 though, and I am stuck putting them in any particular order, so I am just going to start spitting out author names - I love these authors all dearly. At some point they have inspired me, moved me, made me cry, made me laugh - I just love their writing and their style!

10. Jodi Picoult
My first Jodi Picoult was House Rules, and it was incredible. I couldn’t stop at one book - I then went and read 19 Minutes, The Pact, Mercy, Sing You Home, Lone Wolf, Between The Lines, Handle With Care and Perfect Match to name a few. Her writing is beautiful, consistent and I always know what I am going to get with her books.

9. Jackson Pearce
I’ve enjoyed Jackson’s writing ever since I first read Sisters Red, and from there I’ve bought every book she’s written. I also really enjoy her YouTube videos, she’s quite funny!

8. Marissa Meyer
A newcomer to my list, as I bought and read Cinder - I’ve also bought Scarlet and cannot wait to get into this. I really enjoyed her work and I feel like I’d buy her books no matter what as she cemented herself with her first book.

7. John Green
I have only read The Fault in Our Stars, yet I do own the entire John Green back catalogue. Go figure. A personal goal of mine is to read all of his books in 2013. I will do this! The Fault In Our Stars made me cry though. Any author who can thaw out this icy heart is on the auto-buy list. ;)

6. Libba Bray
My love for Libba’s work started with Beauty Queens. I absolutely loved this book, and it has a special place on my shelf. And The Diviners just blew me away even more. So Libba gets huge points with me for this. I also have bought and am yet to read Going Bovine which I’ve heard is also fantastic. I will forever buy Libba’s books!

5. Tahereh Mafi
She writes so beautifully that she breaks my heart. She is just sooooooo good. Her writing is so clean and honest and vulnerable. But perhaps that’s just cause she’s good at writing her characters and she makes them this way. Either way, she’s one of my all time faves.

4. Lauren De Stefano
This chick could write about the the most boring topic, and still find a way to bring it to life. Everything she touches turns into something amazing, and I adore The Chemical Garden trilogy (granted I am yet to read Sever) and will be reading her future books for sure.

3. Stephanie Perkins
She reminds me what it’s like to fall in love for the first time. I get butterflies when I read her books. I giggle like a school girl and I go on this journey with her lead characters unlike what other authors are able to do. She’s just brilliant. And pretty too.

2. Julie Kagawa
Is incredible. From her Iron Fey series which I got into much too late, but lapped them all up to her new Immortal Rules series, I just love her writing. Her characters are wonderful, and emotional and she’s shown her diversity with her writing in the series I’ve read. I’m a fan girl… I will go wherever she goes!

1. Gayle Forman
All bow down to the queen! I LOVE Gayle Forman. From If I Stay to Where She Went. I just melted with this series. I went on a journey, I felt all of the things, I cried. And so when Just One Day came out, I knew I needed to get a copy, which promptly also made me cry. How do you do this to me so easily?! Every.Time. I have come to just expect amazing things from her books, and I know anytime I read a book by Ms Forman I am in for a treat.


Really… you cannot go wrong if you read any of the above authors. They are of an incredible calibre!! Enjoy!

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