I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up

Hey readers,

I am so sorry - long time no proper update. I feel really guilty about it too, but I am experiencing as really severe and prolonged reading slump at the moment, and I am struggling to make my way back from it.

Book Nerd Reviews is still up and running, and I will still be posting here and there, but I think a little bit of time away will reignite my passion. I am also considering doing more graphic novel/comic reviews WITH YA reviews also. So if that’s something I go ahead with, I might be looking at a new look for the site that is more appropriate. But I just wanted you guys to know what was going on at least.

So I am still here! Still on twitter and facebook. The giveaways are still happening too, so nothing for you guys to worry about. I am sure I’ll be back, and perhaps when I am back there’ll be a new look and new features and more excitement!


What do you think?

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