Feral Friday - Downfalls to great reads

It’s Feral Friday! And we here at Book Nerd Reviews thought we would discuss a topic that really sends us feral.

This week, we’re talking about the bad things about a really good book:

Kristy’s say:

There is nothing better than a really good book! I mean, who doesn’t want to read a great book? That is something all booklovers want to do! But reading a really great book can be bittersweet - it is both wonderful and terrible.

I love the emotions you get when you read a book that you love and that you really connect too; the adoration, the joy, the anticipation, the tears, the shock, the happiness, the fear, the horror, the torture, the anxiety, the love, the hate, the utter desire to jump into the pages and never leave.

Reading these books gives you feelings like no other. I love the way it makes you feel when you are totally absorbed into this amazing new world and you never want it to end; the desire to be utterly lost in it, the staying awake all night to read it, the eagerness of flipping the pages to see what happens next, the pounding heart, the annoyance that you feel when someone interrupts you from reading such an amazing story and the absolute NEED to finish it no matter what.

But, the thing is… once you have finished this terribly wonderful book; those feelings are something that you can never get back.

You will just never experience this again. As much as you love a book, those feelings will not be that intense ever again. You can re-read a favourite book a million times but you will never have that amazing experience of reading it for the first time. You may still love the book, and thoroughly enjoy it, but it will never be as great as the first time you got lost in its pages. Some of its magic is lost when you read the last word, and it can never be recaptured.

My favourite book is one that I have read multiple times, and I really do love it every time I read it. I still get totally captivated and I adore every word, but it is just not the same as the first time I read it - I have experienced this amazing world before, I know the characters, I see the twists and turns coming, my heart does not pound as hard, my anxiety levels are lower and I am not quite as eager to flip the pages. Don’t get me wrong, my experience of reading this book is always enjoyable, and I will always love reading it, but I wish I could get that feeling back that I had the first time I devoured it.

I think reading a really great book is like eating a really good cupcake - the first bite is like heaven when you taste its delicious combination and experience the wonderfulness of this intricate creation, but even though you still really enjoy eating the cupcake, it will never be as delicious and delectable as that first bite.

Melissa’s say:

Mmm I am really hungry now… I want cupcakes! ;) haha On that same note though Kristy, my feelings are similar but slightly different. Since we’re talking cupcakes… for me, I am loving every bite of the cupcake, but it’s the sadness I feel when the cupcake is gone that I equate my emotions to when I finish a good book.

Not that I sit around moping when I’ve finished a fantastic book, but I think we’ve all been in a similar place before. You’ve enjoyed a really fantastic book… it’s engaged you, you’ve been submerged in this amazing world with these larger than life characters that you feel so connected to. Characters in books are a true emotional investment. We have very real emotions for them. You’ve gone on a journey with them right from the start…

And then it all ends. Just like that.

There’s a certain degree of mourning when you’ve finished a good book I think. I have closed a book and felt amazing because of how incredible that book was, but torn at how lost I feel the second that book is finished. And multiply that feeling when it’s the end of a good SERIES because then your feelings are usually intensified.

Like Kristy said, no matter how many times you go back to that book to relive the experience and emotions, whilst you’ll always love that book, it’s never going to be the same. You know all of the surprises around every corner. You know what to expect. The experience isn’t a new one anymore. And this ladies and gentlemen is why I actually have never sucessfully re-read a book. I know. I hear people gasping from their computers as I type this. But I just don’t have the patient to re-read a book when I know what’s going to happen… NO MATTER how much I loved it the first time. I’ve tried… and got to chatper 3. lol It’s just not for me. Plus, then there’s the thought of “Why am I wasting time re-reading when I can be discovering new worlds and falling in love with even more books unknown to me?”

Mourning over the end of a good book or series… I am certain this doesn’t apply to just me. Which book or series broke your heart when you finished it? And do you re-read books? Let us know in your comments below!

What do you think?

  • Stefanie says:

    I love re-reading books and I do it regularly. It doesn’t bother me at all if it’s a really good book. If the book turns out to be less good the second time around I’ll probably put it down though (and bump it down a star on goodreads). But there is still something bittersweet about reading that really epic book, because it does have to end somewhere though you wish it never would. For me reading really good books can also make me sad in the sense that some other books just pale in comparison, that’s not a nice feeling. But on the other hand you have just read an awesome book! It’s a very confusing feeling!

    Great topic ladies!

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  • Charleen says:

    No, it’s never going to be the same, but that doesn’t always mean that it won’t be as good. There’ve definitely been books that I enjoyed more the second time around… maybe because I’m savoring it rather than rushing through to find out what happens… maybe because I can appreciate the journey already knowing the destination… maybe because of the real-life experiences I’ve had in the time since my first read…

    I’d say the bigger downfall to really great books — at least for me — is that they spoil me. I don’t know how many times I’ve said about a book, “good but not great,” and I know that’s at least partly because of the really great ones that I have read.

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