Feral Friday - Other bloggers

It’s Feral Friday! And we here at Book Nerd Reviews thought we would discuss a topic that really sends us feral.

This week, we’re talking about our feelings for other bloggers:

Kristy’s say:

I must start by saying that other bloggers do not make me feral - in fact, quite the opposite. I love visiting other blogs and delving into another bloggers world and finding out about their thoughts, feelings and opinions. I admire so many bloggers for different reasons; every blogger has their own style, their own likes and dislikes, and each one brings something different to the table.

Some bloggers have similar likes and dislikes to me, who I always trust to steer me in the right direction of a great new book. Some I trust to lay out the good and the bad aspects of a book or a series. There are other bloggers that I enjoy as they are so passionate about certain books that I feel the need to pick up the book straight away. Others I enjoy because of their individual style: some are funny, sarcastic or blunt to the point that they could be used as weapon (I am happy with blunt, just not personal attacks against authors).

But obviously, I cannot agree with every bloggers opinion about everything - and that’s okay! I actually like hearing others opinions that differ from mine - I enjoy hearing about a book that I liked (or didn’t) from a different person’s perspective. Naturally their opinions will not change my own, however I do find it enlightening to see it from another angle.

But whether I agree with their opinion or not, as long as reviews are honest, I respect a blogger for taking the time to write it. I think it’s amazing that there are people who love books so much that they are willing to spend time writing a review, provide updates about upcoming/new books and up keeping their blog - and even go out of pocket for giveaways which often costs the blogger themselves.

But, is there blog rivalry or jealousy amongst bloggers? Possibly, but I can honestly say I have never seen it. All the bloggers that “met” have been nothing but lovely to me and I am also in a very fortunate position by coming into such a wonderful blog, have an amazingly supportive co-blogger and we have the best followers, so why would I need to be jealous of anyone else?

While the little green monster has not reared its ugly head with me when it comes to other blog(gers) - I will admit that there are some bloggers that are such lyrical reviewers that I sit back and say “wow, they are such amazing and thoughtful writers, I wish I could write like that” - but the simple fact of the matter is; I don’t - and if I tried, I wouldn’t be myself. So while I admire them for their skill, I cannot try to be them.

I image the biggest cause of jealousy when it comes to blogging would be ARCs. Sure, there have been times that another blogger got an ARC that I wanted - and while I would have loved to have received it, I am still happy for them, and I really look forward to their review of that book. However, I will not rule out the possibility the day will come where I will be sick with jealousy of another blogger. :) I will admit that I am a little envious of bloggers in the US as they seem to have so much more access to ARCs, authors, book tours and expos - and that makes me a little green as a blogger and a booklover. But that is nothing against them - that is solely the advantage of them living where they do.

So, to all the bloggers out there: I like you! I really do! And I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog so that I (as a booklover) can enjoy your reviews and updates - I will try to comment on your blogs more often (I am really bad at doing that). And a special thank you to all of you who have been kind to the new kid on the block - I really appreciate it!

(And to Melissa - thank you for everything! You always were and always will be my girl - you rock!)

Melissa’s say:

I’ve never had a run in with a blogger before. I’ve felt at times excluded (more on that later), but not actually involved in any type of drama. Maybe because I am a little older than a lot of other bloggers I often stay away from these types of things or maybe it’s because I pick my battles.

I’ve seen other bloggers have feuds with other bloggers, and in turn, I’ve definitely seen how nasty some bloggers can get. I’ve also seen cliques formed and been on the “outer” of these at times too. I used to care about it when I first started blogging. I used to wonder why they wouldn’t let me into their inner circle, and what was it about me that they didn’t like? I used to try and do everything to be accepted by these people… and then I realised I didn’t really care and wondered why I was trying so hard in the first place.

Something happened this year that really cemented this for me and that was when I welcomed Kristy as a co-blogger to BNR. Kristy and I have become really good friends. We text all things bookish and I love having her as a friend.

It’s made me come to realise that I don’t need validation or acceptance from other bloggers. Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE meeting new bloggers and making friends… the more the merrier is my philosophy as far as that is concerned. But I don’t need validation. When it comes to the cliques, I realise now that perhaps they felt threatened by a new blogger on the scene… someone that they felt they had to compete with for ARC’s (not my intention at all), and someone to compete with for traffic. I’ve moved past it now, and still say hello to these bloggers from time to time (because there’s no point in having grudges).

That being said, I can certainly say I am not perfect and I have suffered from the green eyed monster from time to time. I would catagorise myself as being a confident extraverted girl, and proud of what I have accomplished since starting BNR. But I definitely have had times where I have felt overwhelmed by how amazing other bloggers are. I read a lot of blogs, and have often read fantastic posts by other bloggers and often at the end I sigh, and sit back and think… “That was amazing. Why can’t I write like that?” And then I have to remind myself that I am who I am, and love me or hate me (which I am hoping if you visit here you don’t!) I have my own individual voice and I need to trust my own instincts.

I think that as bloggers we push each other to be at our best. I see so many inspiring, well thought through posts that are so well articulated and it often drives me to want to be a better blogger like those out there that I admire so much.


We would really love your opinion on this - what are your thoughts about other bloggers? Do they drive you to be a better blogger? How do you feel about blogger fueds out there and do you stay out of it? Let us know in your comments below!

What do you think?

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  • Nara says:

    I love the blogging community. Everyone’s just so friendly! I guess I can see where some people are coming from with the whole competing against each other for ARCs, but I don’t personally go with that mentality. Blogging is really only a hobby for me, so I think fair enough if I’m not able to get an ARC. It’s not really a big deal if I don’t get it, because I can always read the book when it comes out :) I do like reading other blogs and often they inspire me to try and make my posts a bit more thoughtful or interesting or original.

    I also have to say that I actually have never heard of any blogger feuds! A lot of author vs blogger/goodreads ones, but never any blogger vs blogger feuds.

    Great post guys :)

    • Melissa says:

      I agree about everyone being friendly! We have a really special community in book blogging that a lot of other online communities can’t say they have. So I definitely celebrate the fact that book lovers have others to share their bookish chatter with and we all get excited about it!

      I’ve never been the type to really care if I miss out on an ARC, as you say. Sure when there’s one you really want and you don’t get it, it sucks, but I’ll go out and buy it the day it comes out. I don’t care when I get to read them, as long as I eventually do! lol

      Yeah you’re right - there’s definitely more author/blogger feuds out there, and we have been fortunate enough to steer clear of those! I’ve definitely seen blogger fueds, but far and few between and I stay away from drama as much as possible anyways, so I’ve never gotten involved!
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  • Alice says:

    I’ve never had a run in with another blogger, but maybe like Melissa it is because as bloggers go, I am on the older side. I’ve never actually seen a feud happen either, which I am pleased about - I enjoy blogging and wouldn’t like to see it turn sour.

    I think other blogs just remind me what I could do and that what I am doing now is okay. I’ve tried a few new things out recently like a better design and a new post topic and one has worked to my liking and the other hasn’t been successful at all. I think I was trying to be too similar and not remembering why I began blogging in the first place, because I wanted to talk about what I was reading!

    I actually miss not knowing much about ARCs, because as great as it is to read some new fiction, I used to blog about all the books already published that I wanted to read and discuss. I don’t want to reach a point where all I read are ARCs. A lot of blogs do that really well, but I don’t.

    • Kristy says:

      I agree, blogging should be about what you enjoy - the books you like and the topics you discuss - and while it is great to try new things, you are right, you have to do what you are comfortable with and it is important to remember why you do it (and why you love it)
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  • Arra says:

    First of all I would like to say that I like you both, Melissa & Kristy! I love the way you write and how you guys are so organize with your blog. I don’t envy you, but I admire you guys. I agree with Kristy when it comes to ARCs because I feel that way too when it comes to US bloggers because of the opportunities they get. But don’t get me wrong it’s not the hatred kind of envy but a “I-wish-I-live-there” envy. Haha. Since I’m feel kinda newbie with the book blogger circle, I was surprised to know that feuds also happen. I thought that occurs in fashion or beauty blogs. But anyway, I agree with you both that we should spread the love and just create new friendships. If we don’t agree with others’ opinion, we should just respect it and don’t say awful things. I’ve been hearing or seeing such acts and it’s really saddening.

    Anyway, I love your blog you guys! More power!

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    • Kristy says:

      Awww, thank you Arra. It is so nice to hear that you admire us (we certainly wouldn’t want you to envy us). Right back at you!
      And as bloggers, we al naturally l love books, so we should all respect each other :)
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  • I totally agree with you both. I think the cause of jealous are ARCs and comments. I get jealous at times too like “why didn’t I get that arc?” or “how come not a lot of people commented on my post :(” but that doesn’t mean I don’t like that blogger. In fact, I’m so proud of bloggers who have been given ARCs from big time publishers and getting all those amounts of comments!

    I do agree about the cliques and groups though. At times it makes my eyebrow squirm, but I’m just like “bleh whatever” about it.


    • Kristy says:

      I will admit that I need to work on commenting on blogs… I am a work in progress on that issue. Now that I understand how much comments mean to bloggers, I am trying to be more proactive in this area.
      And I agree, even if someone received an ARC that I would have liked, I am super happy for that blogger. I would rather spend my time supporting my blogger friends than being envious :)
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