Blogging 101: Commenting and socialising

Hey readers! I love todays topic - because it’s where I get to confess my blogging sins! I am talking about the importance of commenting back to your readers as well as social networking.

If you’ve been a long time reader of BNR you’ll see that I have made progress over the years in some ways, but overall I think we can all agree that I am a pretty slack blogger. lol But one area that I have improved on quite a lot over the years is taking the time to comment back when someone comments on BNR. Of course, since the site has grown so much in the last 12 months - having Kristy on board actually helps so much more.

Value Your Readers

One reason I started blogging was that I wanted to network and communicate with other book lovers out there. And so when someone comments on my site, I like to thank them for taking the time out to say something. It’s showing people that you really value them. I know I am pretty lousy at commenting on other people’s blogs, and so I get that for someone to take the time out to say something on my blog - well, it means something to me. So I always like to say something back.

Socialising is Time Heavy

One area I’d like to be better at is commenting more on blogs that I really enjoy - especially when they post blogs that I get something out of. I think as bloggers, there’s a lot of reasons why this is a good thing. But some of my favourite bloggers are also the most social bloggers. They appreciate their readers, and they take the time to write some thoughtful messages. This is my goal in the next 6 months, to become better at this. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it - because I do. I just find I don’t dedicate much time to this, and so I’d like to make more time.

I also think this includes using Twitter more to socialise and get to know my readers and fellow bloggers. I used to be decent at this, but again it’s a time issue for me. So I’d like to dedicate a bit more to that and actually allow people to get to know me, and likewise so I can get to know you. Hold me to this!!

Think Before You Speak

If you are going to comment on other people’s blogs - my advice is to make it count. I have to admit, there’s nothing I hate more than “Cool site - here’s mine!”. To me - that’s bordering on spam. If you’re going to comment, put some thought into it. Post a comment because you really want to contribute to the conversation. People respect that so much more - and I think if anything, people will be even MORE inclined to click the link to your blog based on the fact that they loved what you have to say - not because you told them to come visit you.


I think the benefits are huge for your blog if you can get the social aspects and commenting down pat. I’ve noticed in the last year people are contributing some wonderful comments to our site, and I love reading what you guys have to say and being able to converse with you about all the topics we’ve talked about in that time. Socialising and commenting actually isn’t all that easy and you have to dedicate a lot of time to making it happen, but I think people respect a blogger that takes the time out to actually comment and talk to their readers on a frequent basis as opposed to someone that talks at their readers. As a community, that’s what this is all about right?

Are you a reader or a blogger, and either way, how social are you with other readers? Do you comment on other blogs much, or are you like me and sometimes find it all takes too much time? Let us know!

Also, if you have any questions or ideas for topics we can discuss next week leave them in the comments below and Kristy or I will make sure we answer them for you - possibly in a new post next week!

What do you think?

  • I go through phases to be honest, and it really depends on how much free time I have! Before I started back at uni this semester, I was one of those people who commented back once a reader left a comment on my blog. But now, I just don’t have the time. Blogging is a hobby, first and foremost, even though it feels like so much more than that at times. But university has to take top priority (even if I would rather blogging be my #1), haha. So I spend what little free time I have publishing posts on the blog, and replying to comments that I receive. As soon as I have more free time on my hands, I intend to visit my commenters’ blogs, and return the favour. And visit my blogger (the site) friends! I feel like I have been neglecting them because it’s easier to comment and read posts on WordPress because I am a WordPress blog.
    But anyway. I hope we can both get back on track with being more social bloggerflys! See what I did there? :D

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Chiara! I agree that it really depends on how much time you have as well. I work full time, and have a busy life outside of work, so I blog when I have time afterwards, and sometimes I barely have enough time to read and post let alone to also comment, so it just depends on what my week is like. I am trying to get better at this though.

      SO true about Blogger - I hate commenting on Blogger sites just cause they’re not user friendly for WordPress users.
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      • So you know what I mean! I’m hoping that I will get better over the uni break, and comment on some of my blogs more; I feel as if I’ve been neglecting them!
        And yes, Blogger is really tedious. Especially with all the different ways to comment. I hate captchka or whatever it is called. It’s really difficult for people with bad eyesight (such as me) to try and figure out what the blurry words are.
        Which is why WordPress is so much easier!

  • Richa says:

    When I started out about a year ago, I wasn’t that social on commenting apart from memes. But now I take the time every few days to check out blogs I love or interesting posts, and I comment. I also aim to return the favour when anyone comments on my blog. It takes a few days to get them all done, but I always catch up :) I think that’s what gets you more awareness about your blog, and more people reading and appreciating your posts.

    • Melissa says:

      I didn’t comment all that much initially either Richa, but I think it was because I was a little nervous.. I felt like a fish out of water for the first year of blogging and found it hard to get involved in discussions and talk to others. But I think once you jump in it’s easier. :)
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  • Nara says:

    I like to think I’m fairly social. I’m on Twitter quite often (although I’m not really following that many people on Twitter so maybe not so social as I first thought haha) and I like commenting on other people’s blogs. I mean, there are instances in which I just don’t have the time to go comment on everyone’s blogs, but I think that’s fair enough. Obviously blog commenting isn’t going to take precedence over my studies and such.

    And ugh I hate those comments that are all “check out my blog” or “come visit me” or “I followed you. Follow back?” because it’s like, if your posts/blog are interesting enough, I’m going to do those things anyway. No need to shove it in my face…

    • Melissa says:

      I’d definitely class you as social Nara! I see you commenting on a lot of blogs and that’s admirable! Time is a big factor, I definitely agree with that.

      Meeeeee too!! Nothing worse. If people do that, then I’ll make a point of NOT following them or visiting them. I might be harsh, but I’ll be much more inclined to visit someone that left a thoughtful comment in the first place. Which is why I now follow Looking for the Panacea! ;)
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  • I suck at commenting on other people’s blogs. Usually I am reading my blog feed on my iphone and its difficult to type up everything I want to say. Usually I will save the link to Pocket or email it to myself with the intention of going back and leaving a comment. I say intention, because usually I forget all about it and then its days/weeks later and what I want to say means nothing anymore.

    Another thing I need to make right, is spending the time visiting blogs that leave comments for me…BUT there are not enough hours in the day. I work full time, I have 2 kids, and what very little free time I have at the end of the day (maybe an hour or two once the kids are fed and in bed) I just want to relax with my husband and a book or the TV.

    Now I sound like I am making excuses, but really I just don’t have enough time in the day to go comment on all of the blogs I want to. I mean I could just comment “great post, point well made” but what is the point of that!

    And this is why I don’t judge my blog’s success by comments left, because I know what it feels like to not have enough time to leave comments.

    • Melissa says:

      Least you’re honest about it like me! hahaha I am much the same, always reading on the go, and sometimes I just don’t have the time. I need to make more time I think.

      No no… I get it. I am the same. Although I don’t have a husband and kids and I am quite busy, so I definitely understand that family committments are demanding! I work full time and have a fairly active social calendar and blogging is included in this, but I don’t think people understand the hours this takes up anyways.

      I am trying to get better at it, because I do love talking to other bloggers. It’s something that’s a work in progress for me!
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  • I definitely comment the most on memes but i’ve really been trying to make the effort to comment on more post. Its hard and so time consuming!

    Great post! It’s very encouraging :)

  • Julie S. says:

    I completely agree that being social is really time consuming, but it is also important. It is so important to make your visitors feel appreciated, especially if they have blogs where you can comment too. I always return comments (not reply to on my own post, but go to their blog and post a comment on one of their posts). Sometimes I reply to comments on my own blog if there is some follow up discussion needed. I also enjoy responding to facebook posts or tweets from visitors to our site. I try to comment on posts like these from the blogs that I subscribe to since I actually have something to add. I’m not as good at commenting on reviews unless I recently read it too and had something interesting to say about it.

    • Melissa says:

      I wholeheartedly agree Julie. Your visitors have taken the time to stop by and comment, and I like having the opportinity to be able to let them know that I appreciate this.

      I am a bit crap at this on Facebook and Twitter, I have to admit! Baby steps for me though, I am working on improving on this though - one thing at a time! haha

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • I totally agree with you! One of my goals is to comment at least on 10 blogs per week. Right now I am freaking busy because I will be taking the SAT this Saturday so I’ve been focusing on that and I haven’t even read in a week D: I’m kind of glad though because ones this SAT is over, I’ll be commenting and reading like crazy! Lol.

    I really love it when bloggers takes their time to leave meaningful comments. I don’t really like it when other people say “cool post. here’s mine”. It’s like “did you even read my post?” lol.

    • Melissa says:

      OH that’s a great goal Leigh!! Maybe I ought to do something like that. I think that’s achievable. But I only want to comment on blogs that I really feel compelled to - not just comment for the sake of it. I think I could manage this. Good luck with your SAT!!

      Saaaaame. It’s not hard to put a thoughtful relevant comment together. And my rule is, if you can’t manage to do that, then don’t comment at all!
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  • Fantastic post Melissa! I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and only recently did I realise that I needed to interact with other bloggers and readers a lot more. I love visiting other blogs and seeing what people are reading and discussing, but I totally agree, it takes up probably the bulk of my time. Good luck!

  • I totally agree on making your comments count. Reading the thoughts of my readers regarding a book I reviewed feels awesome, even if they don’t agree with me. I really liked this topic, btw :)

  • I think I’m pretty social. I try to comment back on their blogs as often as I can and I always reply to their comments on my blog. It takes a lot of time, but I want them to know that I appreciate their effort :)

  • Shannelle C. says:

    That was actually one of the reasons why I started over with my blog: socializing. I felt that I didn’t really make a good job of it in my previous blog, and I just really felt like starting over, where I can try and implement more things.

    I also really hate how time-consuming it is, but even more so for starting over. I thought I could get everything done in days, but I guess not, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what to do for design. I haven’t even set everything up in order, and I guess it would have to wait for another weekend.

  • Samantha says:

    “Socialising is time heavy.” You’re not wrong! I enjoy commenting and reading what other bloggers have to say. It’s nice to feel that there is a back and forth, because sometimes things can seem a little one sided.

  • alice-jane says:

    I go through phases as well and tweeting depends on how much time I have. During the summer, I tend to tweet more since I have more free time but not so much during the year.

    I comment on posts that are interesting or something I can relate to. First, I go through all my Feedly blogs and sometimes if I have time, I’ll go on twitter to see if there are any other interesting posts.

  • Charleen says:

    I absolutely think the socializing part of blogging is important… for me, it’s the main reason I do it. Bare minimum, I always respond to everyone who comments on my blog. I’m not always great about clicking through to check out theirs, and even when I’m reading other blogs I don’t always have the time (or mental capacity) to leave a comment. I’m not always as active on Twitter as I’d like to be. So responding to those who took the time to comment is, I feel, the least I can do.

    It can be time consuming, and I know it’s not feasible for the bigger blogs that get tons of comments on every post. For me, though, I figure if I have time to write a new post, then I have time to continue the conversations on my older ones.

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  • Goldie says:

    I only comment on the book reviews/posts/memes that I have read or seemed interesting to me, but most of the time, the bloggers I follow don’t read/review the same books I do so I cannot comment as much. But I try to comment every once in a while!

  • Brea says:

    I completely agree with that fact that bloggers should appreciate their readers and people who take the time to thoughtfully comment. I’m a little slack in that department - I always comment back, but manners is something I need to work on.
    So, thank you for the post! I really enjoyed it. (:

  • Goldie says:

    I see you’re reading Confessions: The Private School Murders. *squee!*

    As a blogger, I take the time to comment every once in a while to other blogs, especially books I’ve read before, or posts that interest me. I also make it a point to reply to other bloggers if they comment on any of my posts. :)

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