Christmas Inspired By Fiction #4

Hey everyone! Kristy and I are back with some more festive cheer! I love Christmas decorations made out of books, but I know Kristy and I feel the same way when it comes to destroying books for art. It’s a tough call. But if you’re like us, and can’t bring yourself to ruin your books for Christmas, enjoy the pictures at least!

What do you think?

  • I do so love all these bookish Christmas posts you girls are making! :D But still, like I said before, my heart cries at all the book defacing, haha.
    And I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting a lot on this wonderful blog of yours lately! I have been falling behind in visiting blogs, and am trying to get back on top of it now :D

    • Kristy says:

      Why thank you Chiara! I am glad you like looking at them, and I hope that your heart has recovered from the book defacing.
      And no need to be sorry, as you can tell we have been busy over the Christmas period, and have fallen behind on commenting back to comments, much less anything else! We understand how time gets away from people, and appreciate any time you can find to comment :)

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