Feral Friday - ARC Envy

It’s Feral Friday! And we here at Book Nerd Reviews thought we would discuss a topic that really sends us feral.

This week, we’re talking about ARC envy:

Kristy’s say:

I have previously said, and in most circumstances I stand by this, that I don’t get a lot of ARC envy. Sure, there are times where I see another blogger got a book that I would have liked, and there is a little twinge of envy and I think “oh, I really wish I had of received that” (after all, I am not a saint), but it only lasts a minute and then I move on to being happy that for the other blogger. So, generally, no, I do not get ARC envy.

But…. (there is always a “but”)

2014 is the year that the books that I desperately want to read come out! And so far this year I have experienced more envy over ARCs (or those who have access to a manuscript) than I have ever felt in my “bookish life” (even before blogging),, Don’t get me wrong, there are always books that I want to read coming out, but this year has 4 different categories. To break it down, the categories are:

  1. The books that I want to read
  2. The books that I really want to read
  3. The books that I really really want to read
  4. The books I am so desperate for that I would be willing to drop most of my morals to get hold of it.

Naturally, category 1 is something that is ever growing, and in this category I am really happy for other bloggers if they get an ARC and I don’t. Category 2 is where I am still happy for any bloggers who receive it, but there is a pang of envy. Category 3 results in me being happy for anyone who receives it, but I do have a higher and longer moment of jealousy (and quite possibly a pout on my face at the same time). Basically, categories 1-3 have a no or limited jealousy factor. And where there is a little jealous, it is brief and manageable and at the end of the day, I just hope that those who do receive the ARCs enjoy them!

And then there is category 4. This is a rare one (thankfully), but this category is where my jealousy peaks and all logic goes out the window, resulting in major pouting and wanting to throw a tantrum like a 3 year old that has just been told they cannot have a lolly. This category is one where I would be willing to do pretty much anything to get hold of an ARC (beg, plead, turn on the waterworks - seriously, very few morals would remain), and I would be jealous to the core of anyone who had an ARC.

Note: Although it is somewhat agonising that there are those rare books out there that you desperately want right now, but cannot get, I am actually glad that these books exist! They are truly special!

And this year there are 2 books coming out that fit into this category - and I have already experienced the illogical jealousy that goes along with those rare books in the category (I hope the fact that I recognise that it is illogical means that I am still somewhat sane). It will be no surprise to those who know me, or to regulars to Book Nerd Reviews, that the two books in category 4 are Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor, and In the Shadows by Kiersten White and Jim Di Bartolo. And even though both these books are not due out until April, I will freely admit I have already fallen victim to the green-eyed monster over these 2 books. And let me tell you, these bouts of jealousy are completely illogical, and when I am sitting here writing this, I know it is totally irrational, but at the time, I just cannot help it.

So, evidence of my ridiculous, totally crazy, illogical jealousy? Well, let’s start with Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Firstly, there are currently no ARCs available for this book, so I cannot be jealous of anyone who has received one - but my irrational envy still exists for those who have read the book! To my knowledge, this is limited to 3 people - Laini Taylor herself, her husband and her editor. Naturally I am jealous of Laini Taylor - she is phenomenal and she knows exactly what is happening inside this wonderful world she has created (more than we will ever know). Then there are the two other people, her husband and editor. And while I adore her husband, and it’s only natural that he has read it, and it is necessary for her editor to read the book (how else would it get to print), I am still insanely jealous of them! They know what has happened in this world and I don’t - how can I not be jealous of that?

And the next book is In the Shadows. I woke up this morning to see tweets that Kiersten White and Jim Di Bartolo have received (I assume very rare) ARCs of their book. Even though they are the authors/illustrator of this book, and they totally deserve to have ARCs of their own book, I am jealous that they (and I assume their partners/family/friends) get to hold and look through the book that I desperately want to get my hands on. And then I think about the other lucky people in the US who will get an ARC of this book - and I am already jealous of them! Even though (as far as I know), they don’t even have them yet! See - totally illogical - I am jealous of people who don’t even have it yet!

I am insane, right?

Although I am looking forward to a lot of category 3 books this year, with new titles from some of my favourite authors such as Stephanie Perkins, Colleen Hoover, Kiersten White (another title), Alexandra Bracken, Sarah J Maas and Maggie Stiefvater, and I may be a little jealous of those who do get those ARCs, it is really the category 4 books that will be cause the green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head. So, to those of you who do receive an ARC (or gets to read through personal connections or work in the publishing industry) of Dreams of Gods and Monsters, or In the Shadows, I want to say now that I am happy for you, I just won’t be able to say it at the time when I riddled with jealousy and sulking in the corner like a child who has been told they cannot have a puppy (actually, that’s a lie, you know that really ugly cry with sobs and snot and blubbering - that will be me).. but somewhere deep down, I am sure I am happy for you (I think lol). For those of you who receive ARCs in categories 1-3, I am also happy for you, but I should be able to tell you that after a short bout of pouting :)

I cannot wait until May so I can return to being my normal non-jealous self - and I will have read both of my most anticipated 2014 books - YAY!!! I will once again turn back into that person is happy for you that you received that ARC you really wanted… but until then, happy ARC reading to you all!

Melissa’s say:

Every now and then comes along a book that you’ve been waiting for - whether it’s a highly anticipated new release from your favourite author, or the next book in a series that you’re just DYING to read. And like Kristy, there’s lots of books out there that I want to read, and some I even really want to read. But there’s been a few books that I have been just hanging for! And those are the books that you’d love to be able to get an ARC for, but ultimately even if it doesn’t happen, you’re that guy that pre-orders the book anyway just in case.

There’s a few authors that I am a fan girl for to this degree - Gayle Forman, John Green, Stephanie Perkins, Lauren De Stefano and Lauren Oliver just to name a few! Anytime I see one of their books available through a publisher, I am like a moth to the flame to ask nicely if I can have a copy of that book.

Sometimes I am successful. I was able to read Panic by Lauren Oliver over 6 months before it was released!

And sometimes I am unsuccessful like Just One Year by Gayle Forman.

And it’s the times your unsuccessful that you just wanna roll up into the fetal position and cry a little. And just to clarify, I understand what a brat I must be sounding right now. That’s not my intention! I am usually a really good sport with arcs, and quite humble about them. I actually don’t request many because I don’t want to be seen as abusing any privlidges. But there are certain books I’ll go on a limb for (any of the authors above).

And when you aren’t approved for one of those arc’s it’s one of those moments where you’re so happy for others who are able to read and enjoy the story, but bitterly disappointed for yourself because you have to wait. And whilst some people will see this as a negative thing, it’s actually not. It’s amazing that books can harness our emotions in this way and make us want to read them so badly to the point where we almost act borderline crazy because we want to read the story so much.

Books like this are fantastic - because they make us passionate.

Everyone should have authors or books out there that they’d feel the same way as Kristy and I do - where you’d do just about anything to get your hands on it!


Do you get jealous when others receive ARCs? Is there (or was there) a particular ARC that desperately want to be approved for? Let us know in your comments below!

What do you think?

  • Kezia D says:

    Well, I would be lying if I said that I never experienced ARC envy. To be honest, I’m sort of experiencing one right now. See, I’m a huge fairy tale retelling and Greek mythology fan, so when I saw Cruel Beauty on EW for the first time…I immediately pushed the request button and religiously praying that I’d get approve. Sadly, I’m not approved because I have this terrible luck on EW and it makes me annoyed right now cause so many people have read and loved it and WHY CAN’T I OMG -__- I guess it’s normal to feel jealousy and I really hope I would get over this quickly enough.

    • Kristy says:

      I hope you have better luck with EW in the future Kezia. But yes, I think jealousy is something that most people feel from time to time - especially over those books they really really want. I hope that you enjoy Cruel Beauty when you do get to read it.
      Thanks for telling us your personal experience with ARC envy!

  • Brea says:

    I think I just suffered a major bit of ARC jealousy. Melissa, you have already read Panic!!? I want that ARC SO BAD. >.< . I just love Lauren Oliver. :(

    But anyway, totally correct. It's amazing how books can get this kind of reaction out of us. Honestly shows just how much we care about them! I suffer from ARC jealousy often, but I don't fret too much, because if I really want to read the book, I will. One way or another.

    • Kristy says:

      Brea, firstly, credit to you for using Melissa as your ARC envy example :) I am sorry that she made you jealous (bad Melissa!). I hope you enjoy Panic when you get it!
      It is good that we can become so passionate about books - it is a very bitter sweet thing :) And you are right, if you want to read a certain book, you will get it. The books that I get jealous over, I have previously pre-ordered… but I still want to read it earlier :)

  • Ah, I remember when I was a newbie at blogging and let me tell ya, during the first 4 months of my blogging life, I fell under Kristy’s category #4 everytime I see a post of someone getting ARC(s)! I know, THAT IS SOOO BAD. Now I feel awful thinking about how I was. Now, I learned that ARCs isn’t all that, and I learned not to envy people with ARCs anymore because the book will come out eventually. I actually LOVE it when people get ARCs because I get super excited for them. :) But I totally understand the jealousy since I’ve been through it too.

    • Kristy says:

      I hope to be like that someday Leigh, I really do hate feeling ARC envy, but sometimes, even if I am happy for the other person I still feel it. Like I said, it is mainly category 4 books (which thankfully are rare). And you are right, the book does come out eventually, and I would have already pre-ordered it (in one particular case I have pre-ordered 2 copies) so I will get to read it eventually.

  • I think a lot of people suffer from ARC envy, especially if it’s a book you’ve been dying to read for ages. I mean, someone else gets to read if BEFORE YOU? NO NO NOT FAIR. SO NOT FAIR. It may seem childish or immature, but I guess everyone gets jealous about things sometimes, even if it’s not in their usual nature. But I especially think that the book blogging community inspires jealousy because it’s a bit of a competitive world we ‘live’ in.
    I cant say I get uber jealous, because most of the bloggers than get the really awesome shiny ARCs are in the US. I swear Australia gets near zero ARCs, so there’s not a lot to be jealous about, haha. Which is a good thing! :D

    • Kristy says:

      I think we are allowed our little moments every now and again (as long as it is private and respectful). The number of ARCs are limited, so there that does make getting an ARC harder but I am normally very happy for someone who gets an ARC. But there are just those few books that I am extremely passionate about, and I cannot help but be jealous if someone else gets to read it before me. And I agree the US do seem to get more access to ARCs (I say that because right now there is a pile of one of my category 4 books sitting at a convention and people are getting to pick it up and read it *cries*).

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  • I’d like to say that I barely feel any ARC envy, but that would be a total lie on my part if I did XD I mean, I’ve given up on Netgalley and Edelweiss, which means that I have no chance of getting ANY ARC, and that was my decision, because I kept reading them past my deadline, but I still do feel jealous at times when people show off their ARCs and its a book I want to read. Thankfully, I move on quite immediately after that pang of envy nowadays, but I used to feel so bad for myself before XD I guess it’s normal because we’re not saints after all, but I hope nowhere in the blogosphere does it escalate to something worse! And great post, guys <3

    • Kristy says:

      Hi Jasmine. I totally agree with you about it escalating into something worse! I luckily have never seen that (nor been party to it), and I would hate to think that could happen - I mean, envy aside, we should all be supporting each other!
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