We have exciting news!

Hi readers!

I hope you’re all having a great day! Kristy and I have some exciting news to share. :)

Bare with me though because I want to talk about the state of the blog and what’s been going on in the background first.
You may have noticed some changes with our posts in the last couple of months. Very clearly I have taken more of a direction into comics and graphic novels (which I’ve loved for a few years now, but has become almost all I read these days), whereas Kristy is still reviewing the YA books you’ve come to expect to seeing around here. I guess for me, it’s been a difficult shift. I went into a huge reading slump that has lasted months and the only thing that has pulled me through is comics. I have battled with a lot of guilt over this because I haven’t been posting YA reviews, which left me with the feeling that I was very much leaving Kristy to this responsibility on her own - and I didn’t want her to have to have this pressure on her either.

Since Book Nerd Reviews has traditionally always focused on YA books, I wasn’t posting comic reviews for a long time because I didn’t want to “tarnish the waters”. But Kristy and I discussed it, as the alternative was that I’d have to consider stepping down - which I am also not ready for. Book Nerd Reviews is my baby that I’ve nurtured for the last few years. Kristy has been so amazing and very supportive of me, and we decided that there’s no reason why Book Nerd Reviews had to just be a YA book blog. This is why you’re now seeing YA and comic related posts and reviews. Personally, this has been great for me and has reignited my passion for this blog - however I still was conscious that Kristy was representing YA books on her own. She is completely capable of doing this - but having done it myself for a number of years, the last thing I want is for Kristy to burn out also.

Which finally brings me to the good news.
Our little team of two is expanding to three. Kristy and I as co-bloggers sat down and talked made a decision that we would be on the lookout for a contributer to help us with posts and YA reviews. We hadn’t even gone out with this publicly yet, when we received an email from Jocie, who lives in Queensland. Her personality is bubbly and infectious and she’s fun and articulate and loves YA. So why wouldn’t we jump at the chance to have her join the team? :)

Jocie will start posting reviews shortly, and so this post is more to let you know what’s happening around these parts. When Jocie starts posting, you should welcome her and say hi! You can also view her personal blog here and add her on twitter here.

Welcome to Book Nerd Reviews Jocie!
We’re really happy to have you onboard. :)

What do you think?

  • Oh that is some awesome reviews, I think I’ve talked to Jocie on Twitter and she really is lovely! It’s the best thing when you get some help for your blog (one day I will look for some too)! I don’t think comic/graphic novel reviews on a YA blog are a bad thing, if anything it will bring more of a varied audience :)

    • Kristy says:

      Jocie is lovely :) We are very excited to have her post reviews (it is coming soon, I promise)
      And I agree that comic/graphic novel reviews are a good thing - it may bring a varied audience, but personally, I am excited to start learning a little more about them (I have very limited knowledge).

  • OOooh this is so exciting! Can’t wait to meet Jocie!

  • Finley Jayne says:

    Sounds like you’re going in a great direction, glad you figured out what makes everyone happy!

  • Caitlin says:

    So exciting!! And more reviews!

  • Cathy says:

    Change is the only constant in this world. And the best changes are progress. Good move!

  • YAY!!!! Congratulations to Jocie!

    I love this blog, YA books and I love comics too, so these are amazing news!!!!!! *-*

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