Comic Crossover #6

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Comic Crossover.

What is Comic Crossover you ask?
Comic Crossover is where we take a YA book and compare it to a comic book up close. Comics sometimes get a bad wrap, and so this feature is designed to shine a light on some amazing comic reads.

Sometimes you may not see straight away why I have matched up books and comics the way I have, but rest assured that there is always method to my madness! Sometimes it’s because of the characters alone, the storyline, the genre or another feature about the YA book that I have found that draws parallel to a comic.

For those of you who are new to comics, the titles that I select to talk about are always comics that you can pick straight up off the shelf without knowing anything prior about them and enjoy. So if comics have made you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable in the past, you don’t need to feel that way about the comics that feature in Comic Crossover.

In all cases, I have read both the YA books and the comics, so if you have any questions you can comment on this post!

This weeks Comic Crossover:
If you enjoyed Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, then you might enjoy Harley Quinn Volume 1: Hot In The City by Amanda Conner

YA Book Breakdown: Beauty Queens if you’ve not read it is HILARIOUS!! It’s one of the funniest YA books I have read. A whole bunch of pageant queens who’s plane crashes and leaves them deserted on an island! Antics ensue. There’s some really silly and fun moments.

Comic Book Breakdown: Harley Quinn is one of those characters who doesn’t take anything much seriously, and as a result she is amazing and funny. If you’ve never read Harley Quinn before, you can pick this up and enjoy it and understand it just fine. Harley Quinn is the ex girlfriend of the Joker and so technically she’s not a good girl. But she’s very slapstick and you can’t help but find her likeable.

Why the comparison? Both books are a light and enjoyable read. The sense of humour throughout is sarcastic and slapstick and very enjoyable but at the same time the stories remain with you for ages after because they’re memorable and well written. I highly recommend both reads!!

Want to grab yourself a copy? Volume 1 isn’t actually released in a book until 4 November but you can pre order it here.


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