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18 Things About Me Blog Hop comes from Emily at Loony Literate.

Emily turned 18 this week!!! So firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!

(Wow, I feel old. But I will still have a cider with you Emily)

Emily celebrated her birthday with 18 Things About Me + International Giveaway + Blog Hop post. Not only did she tell us 18 things about herself (she opened the questions up to her Twitter followers), she also has an international giveaway… so be sure to drop by and say happy birthday to her!

As part of her birthday celebrations, Emily has asked other bloggers to join her blog hop. To do this, we have to choose at least FIVE of these questions from her post. And since it is her birthday week, I decided to answer all of her questions… as well as include GIFS, because she likes them so much.


So… here goes.

What is your favourite music?

I don’t think I can really name a favourite. I go through fazes. My tastes range from Muse to Meatloaf, Bruno Mars to Black Eyed Peas, Pink to Pitbull, Adele to Angus Stone, Sia to Sheppard.I am a fan of soundtracks however.


If you could live in one developing country, which one would it be?

The Czech Republic. Definitely.


Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. But not in the way that some do. I believe it is possible more than believe that they are real.


How do you deal with exam stress?

Alcohol and YouTubing puppies. Just kidding - I am well past exam stress thankfully.


What was the first book that you could relate to on a personal level?

You know I am like 150 years old right? I cannot remember the very first book! There have been lots over the years, all for very different reasons and in different times of my very long life.

Was it when I was 5 and I connected to Cinderella because I had lost a shoe too?

Or when I was 8 and I read The Eleventh Hour and I once too had a brat who tried to ruin my party by eating all the food.

Or 10 when I read Baby Sitters Club, and there was a girl in it called Kristy… so surely I was exactly the same as her.

Or when I was 12 and I read Flowers in the Attic and I connected to…. Wait…. I did NOT connect to anything in that book!

But seriously, It is way too hard to pick a single book, different books mean different things at different times.


What are your other interests apart from book blogging?

Travel. I LOVE TRAVEL! And at times I like hanging out with the friends, and sometimes I have been known to consume the odd piece of chocolate.


What are your favourite clothes and why?

Jeans. They are versatile and I can easily bum around home in them.

Although it is currently winter in the southern hemisphere, and I am as far south as normal humans go, so my current favourite piece of clothing is a cuddly blanket (you think I am kidding, I’m not… look in my window anytime and you will see me wearing it).


What book would you bring with you to a desert island?

I personally love Emily’s answer to this… but it her birthday week so I won’t steal it.

So I will be boring and pick Daughter of Smoke and Bone, because if I am going to die, I want to die happy.


What I want to know is what has been your biggest inspiration in writing The Daisy List? What’s kept you going to the point of being finished when you felt (like all writers inevitably at some point feel) like it wasn’t worth it?

My inspiration totally comes from a unicorn that I once met. He told me, “That to follow ones dreams, one must make a list of daisies.”

Kidding. This question was specifically for Emily.


What is the status of Wanderland?

You mean what happened to Alice after she went wandering?

Once again, another Emily specific question, so I won’t comment further.



Can you name a character after me?

If I ever wrote a book, I would totally name a character after the person who asked this question… although I am not sure if this character would be insane or a genius, normal or eccentric, crazy or crazier.


How many types of cheeses can you name?

Cheddar, brie, camembert, bocconcini, ricotta, mozerella, gouda, haloumi, blue, edam, parmesan, feta, blue, limburger and… cheese curd and cream cheese (kind of cheating)


Favourite word?

I can’t say… it is a little naughty.

My second favourite is cessenarily ;) Actually no, that is my third favourite. My second is also naughty.


Have you always been a big reader? If not, what book got you hooked?

I was as a kid, then a teenager I went a little wild and stopped reading. I didn’t get back into until about my mid 20s, and to be honest, it was The Green Mile.


Favorite movie adaption of a book?

Oooh. Okay, I have to say the Harry Potter movies. I think they done a fantastic job on these films.

But I also have to give a shout out to The Perks of Being a Wallflower - because I hated the book! The movie is quite good though.


Why, in your opinion, is Ravenclaw the best house?

I didn’t realise that it was… I personally always thought that Slytherin was. They have so many prejudices to overcome and so many pressures to face.


What are you going to do differently with your next writing project?

Write. I think that would be a good start. Oh wait, was this for Emily in particular as well???


Ever been bitten by a spider or snake?

Yes! A dirty rotten spider. I actually got quite sick, and it wasn’t even one the spiders that people are scared of. Nasty little critter it was.
But I would take that any day over a drop bear!



Thank you Emily for this Blog Hop!!!

Be sure to check out Emily’s 18 Things About Me + International Giveaway + Blog Hop to get to know her a little better and enter her giveaway!


What do you think?

  • HAHA. Answering the questions only for me, now that’s dedication. I think The Daisy List would definitely be improved with the addition of some unicorns :P Obviously I disagree with Slytherin being the best house, though :P
    Emily @ Loony Literate recently posted…To Finish Up 18th Week - My 18 Fave Books From the Past Two Years!My Profile

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