Guest Posts and Reviews - New and Wanted


Hi everyone. Book Nerd Reviews is starting to bring you guest posts/reviews!

I have been a little MIA this year - I am so sorry!

The fact that I have posted much this year is due to a combination of things. One of them is my work - my job requires me to be able to work away without notice, in a highly stressful and time demanding environment. It takes it out of me, and takes me out of the world I really want to be in: the world of books! And then it takes a long time to recover, as I am so exhausted. Sometimes I am even too tired to pick a book up and read it, and it breaks my little heart.

I have also been away on holidays this year, as well as spending time with friends in what would normally be my reading time. I can’t say I am sad about these facts, but I do miss the ability of relaxing and reading at times.

So this brings me to two things: New and Wanted!



Considering I have been a little neglectful, my friend Carolyn is going to send through some reviews for me to post. I am really excited about this for multiple reasons.

  1. It makes her work for the books of mine she steals off my shelf (only kidding, I don’t care about that).
  2. It brings you some reviews of books that I won’t read, or won’t be reading for awhile.
  3. It helps promote books in general - and maybe someone will pick up a book and find they adore it, and there is nothing better than that!

So I would to officially like to welcome Carolyn! She won’t be contributing all the time, but as soon as she has something she wants to share with you all, I will be gladly posting it!



That also brings me to another thought. I know there are people out there who want to try their hand at blogging but don’t have the time to dedicate to it, or people who just really want to share their thoughts about a book or bookish thing, but don’t have the platform to do it. So, if you have anything you want to share, regularly, semi-regularly, as a one off or as a combined effort (we could share views on bookish topics, or some form of feature post, whatever your heart desires!), please hit me up at (just check out the contact details for Kristy on the About Us page). It is all about sharing the bookish love!!!


Now, with that all over with, I promise I will try to post more - I miss books, I miss the bookish community, I MISS YOU!!!!!


What do you think?

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