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You’ve just had a long, hard, exhausting day, and all you want to do is curl up with something light, fun, easy, fluffy, distracting, and entertaining.

What book do you pick up?

I loved Beauty Queens by Libba Bray for that very reason… very light, very funny too!

Runner up would be Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce which was very entertaining and not heavy.

Possible contenders for the future include Heist Society by Ally Carter and Zombies Vs Unicorns edited by Libba Bray

What do you think?

  • Jennifer says:

    Loved Beauty Queens! Am now about to start the audio book - it should be hilarious to hear it out loud.

    Sisters Red and Zombies vs. Unicorns are in the TBR pile! I’ve got Zombies on my ereader for those unexpected gaps in the day.

  • Stephanie says:

    Jackson Pearce will be on book tour and I plan on seeing her in Georgia on the 25th. Her new book, Sweets, looks great!

  • I haven’t read most of the books you mentioned except for Heist Society. I usually pick up something I’ve read before when I want a light, easy read.

    Here’s my answer at Whatever You Can Still Betray.

  • Gigi Ann says:

    I lean toward light romance when I am tired or in a reading slump.

  • Josette says:

    I have Beauty Queens on my TBR pile now and can’t wait to read it. I enjoyed Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle trilogy books before this too.

  • trish says:

    i actually haven’t heard of any of these books/authors. maybe i should check them out next time i need a entertaining book!

    Here’s My BTT Post - TRISH

  • I actually have some of those in my TBR pile. I met Libba in NY for BEA and she was very funny.

    Here is my BTT:

  • Áine says:

    Zombies Vs Unicorns? Love the title, lol.

    House Millar - BTT


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