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by Melissa on October 5th, 2011
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I stopped by my local library yesterday. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and my library is located in the middle of a beautiful park, so I was sitting in the sunshine reading Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I finished that one off and I thought since I didn’t have anything planned for the day I’d wander in and see what they had…. not that I don’t seriously have enough to read at home. lol :)

I don’t know if my library differs much from other libraries in Australia or even around the world, but I know that as a book addict these things interest me, so I thought I’d share some pictures!

The park where my library is located

The Gazebo near my library

These are some of the YA shelves. There is about another three the same size behind where I was standing, so all the YA shelves are probably twice what you see here. I’m thinking this might be considered small especially compared to libraries in other countries? No idea! There’s a seperate childrens area.

Bit closer up on one of the shelves.

And my “borrowed” pile. Seriously. I can’t help myself. lol More on these books when I do IMM on Sunday!

I’d be really keen to see pictures of other libraries around the world! Have you posted something similar? Link me up in the comments below!

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