Recommending reads!

I really can’t say I’ve had much opportunity to recommend that many books to people in real life. Which is why I do it online essentially! I just find that there aren’t that many people around me that are REALLY as enthused about books as I am, and the ones that are generally aren’t into YA books. However one thing that has changed all of this for me is The Hunger Games.

I know it may be a cliche book these days but as word spreads of the movie release more and more people are aware of it. Which reminds them of the many times I have mentioned how much I loved the books to people.

So far, my Team Leader at work has read the series. She recommended this to her 16 year old daughter who has devoured the series also. My sister has read the first book. One of my besties has read it also after I gave her a copy for her birthday, and my other bestie went and bought the whole series JUST based on my hype (and she hates reading, so that was huge). Another girl at work went out and bought the books on sale and loved it, and the girl I share my role with at work has borrowed (and loved) the first book, so I’ve just loaned her the second and third book. Based on her reading it, another lady at work borrowed the original one from me too.

So if you’re playing catch up that is 8 people that I was able to directly influence to read the books (honestly, there was no shoving anything in anyones faces either.. it was from discussion that simply came up!).

Which made me think. We’re all so passionate about books. I know some of those people read the series because they could see my face light up when I talked about how amazing it was (because it certainly wasn’t due to my butchered explanation of the storyline). lol

Enthusiasm is contageous!!! And in a world where we are so focused on technology and TV and gadgets and games, we’re all still very influential when it comes to books!

Now what to recommend next….. ;)

What do you think?

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