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iPad (as an ereader) Review

Posted by on April 5, 2012

I bought an iPad a few weeks ago… I’m going to the USA from May 8th to May 30th and I thought that the wi-fi and internet access on the ipad would be perfect for my trip. It’s so portable and light weight, and so I can stay in touch, and even update my site from abroad!

It came with some unexpected perks for me though, namely iBooks! What started as simply something to check emails, the web and play games on has quickly turned into my favourite e-reader when compared to my Kobo and Kindle… for a few reasons!

1. iBooks

This app is amazing. I always had issues in the past with any of my e-readers displaying PDF files properly. iBooks displays them beautifully. And it also is compatible with all my existing epub files, so I can put them all on here and they all have one home from now on! You can also purchase books from iTunes. Probably not my fave place right now to buy them as the selection and price is not the most competitive, but the option is there!

2. Kindle app

And just so I am not having to juggle my iPad and Kindle, I have a Kindle app for iPad and all the books I have purchased from there are accessable at the tip of my fingers! I love this! You can also get an app for Kobo as well which works in the same fashion. And both are FREE!!

3. Night time reading

I was always frustrated that my Kindle had no backlight for night time reading. And whilst I appreciate the Kindle is probably better for my eyes overall, and probably more ideal for day reading, the book lover in me loves being able to turn the lights off and snuggle in bed whilst reading a book on my iPad. I can control the brightness so I am not blinded too most importantly!

Overall - I really still love my Kindle, and the Kindle wins for portability as it’s the lightest and more compact than my iPad. That being said, the iPad offers everything the Kindle does, but in colour which is a fantastic perk. Plus the fact that the internet capabilities are so sofisticated means I have easy access to Goodreads via the Goodreads app (also free!), and of course can access blogs and websites with ease. Definitely worth considering for all you gadget fans out there!


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