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Hey readers!

If you love memes like I do, I am happy to announce I’ve added a new section to Book Nerd Reviews, and that is…. YA Memes! :)

A meme essentially is an image based series of image macros or viral videos on the internet that make us LOL or make us want to share them with our friends. They’re extremely popular at the moment, and as such movies like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have been turned into memes (as will more in the future!).

Memes at their core are designed to be jokes and should be looked at tongue in cheek! Some, you may not understand unless you understand the story behind the meme, and some require no explanation. I’ll share all of the ones I find here none the less and it’s up to you as to which ones you find funny!

To access the current memes, click up the top menu under YA Memes, orrrrr just click here to be taken to them! I can make up memes too, so if you have any requests, let me know! I can’t promise that all your requests will be carried out, but I will credit you if your idea is used!

What do you think?

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