Monday Mailbox #27

Good afternoon everyone! I hope my fellow Aussies are enjoying the public holiday today, I’ve spent it catching up one a few reads - I feel like I’ve had a really productive weekend!

Small week for me this week!

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Enders Game (Enders Saga #1) - Orson Scott Card

I have been seeing this read absolutely everywhere lately. Some of my fave Book Tubers have been reviewing this and talking this book up heaps, and then a colleague of mine is reading this at the moment also and was telling me more about the book. It’s not a new release - in fact, this book was published in 1985 - when I was just one year old! But it seems like an awesome classic and I am eager to start on this. I bought the audio unabridged version from Audible, so I can listen to it in the car etc and not let it interfere with my normal reading schedule. The movie of Ender’s Game is scheduled for release in November this year also, so I think there’s going to be huge hype about this book closer to the movie release. Definitely worth checking out!


Splintered - A. G. Howard

What a beautiful cover. I have been pining for this book, and I found an unabridged audio version of this on Audible and picked it up with one of my monthly credits. I am looking forward to seeing what this is all about - it’s received some great reviews!

This stunning debut captures the grotesque madness of a mystical under-land, as well as a girl’s pangs of first love and independence. Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers—precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before. This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alyssa might be crazy, but she manages to keep it together. For now.


Kathy Reichs (Virals #3) - Code

I’ve read the first book in this series (Virals), and I have the second one on my bookshelf to read also (Seizure), and I found this, the third book in the series at my local Dymocks store and snapped it up. I know I will get around to reading Seizure, but this might just push me to do it sooner rather than later! I am really enjoying this YA series by Kathy Reichs (She is known for writing the books behind the TV show Bones).

The Virals are put to the ultimate test when they find a geocache containing an ornate puzzle box. Shelton decodes the cipher inside, only to find more tantalizing clues left by “The Gamemaster.” A second, greater geocache is within reach-if the Virals are up to the challenge.
But the hunt takes a dark turn when Tory locates the other box-a fake bomb, along with a sinister proposal from The Gamemaster. Now, the real game has begun: another bomb is out there-a real one-and the clock is ticking.


The Kill Order (Maze Runner 0.5) - James Dashner

A huge thank you to Scholastic Australia for this copy of The Kill Order.

I have the Maze Runner on my shelf to read at the moment, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is actually the prequel to the whole series. I thought it was one of the other books in the series, and so I wouldn’t be able to get into it. But since it’s technically the first book in the series I would really love to get into this and then follow on with The Maze Runner. I’ve heard great things about this series!



Fearless (Mirrorworld #2) - Cornelia Funke

Thank you to Scholastic Australia for this book!

This cover is absolutely gorgeous, it was the first thing I looked at when I opened my package from Scholastic up! Unfortunately though I haven’t read the first book in this series, Reckless, so I am not sure when I am going to get around to reading this book. It has received some solid reviews though so worth checking out!

After saving his brother, Jacob Reckless faces death from the fairy’s curse burnt into his heart. In search of a cure, he returns to the Mirrorworld where he is reunited with Fox, a beautiful shape-shifting girl. He has one more chance: a golden crossbow with the power to save and destroy life, buried in a dead king’s tomb, beneath an invisible palace. Jacob must cross continents,face monsters and men, including a dangerous rival, and learn what it means to stay alive.


That is all from me this week, what did you receive in your mailboxes? Let me know - leave your links in the comments section below!

What do you think?

  • Alexia561 says:

    Nice haul! Think I’m one of the few people left who hasn’t read Enders Game, so like your idea of listening to it on tape. Multi-tasking is a beautiful thing! Enjoy all of your new books!

    • Melissa says:

      Listening to books lets me get through so many more books each year, I highly recommend it! Enders Game so far isn’t bad… there’s lots of terminology that I’m just getting my head around right now, but it’s promising!

  • Vicki says:

    Hope you enjoy all your books!
    Here’s My MM

  • Hope you enjoy your holiday and all of your new books!

  • Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I’m also listening to Splintered now, fun book!
    Agreed - Fearless has a gorgeous cover. Happy reading :)

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