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Hey guys,

I was just going through my analytics (a thing us bloggers do, to see if we’re on the right track basically), and I was stopped in my tracks by something I saw. A google search I saw that lead someone to my site. It hit close to home:

“I read books and people call me book nerd”

Someone out there is obviously trying to reach out for advice or an answer… I was compelled to address this. So many things to say about that this that I don’t even know where to start. Because this was me in school also. I am assuming the person who has searched this has done so because being called a book nerd bothers or upsets them (or I figure you wouldn’t bother googling it right?). A few assumptions I am making here..

But firstly I just want to say, that kids can be real assholes to each other. There’s no nice way to say that. And it’s true.

I am going to say this though. Kids say it like it’s something you ought to be upset or ashamed of. But why should you? People who read are smart people. We are thoughtful and open to new possibilities. We have wild and active imaginations and we like to be transported to all kinds of worlds and situations. That is our escapism. When other kids are escaping their realities by drinking alcohol and doing drugs and acting out in other ways that aren’t healthy for them, readers escape by picking up a book.

And after school is over, it means nothing. Really. I was on occasion bullied (girl schools will do this to you), and I thought at the time that I’d never get through it, but I did. And after school, you realise how much it doesn’t even matter. Everything that happened during school seems petty in hindsight and holds no meaning in the real world.

You’ll note that this website is called Book Nerd Reviews. I wear it like a badge of honour these days. I own it. I even tell people I meet in general conversation these days that I am a self confessed book nerd, and you know something? I am proud to be a book nerd. And there are so many book nerds out there - that’s why I have a book blog… there’s a huge community of us online!

Trust me when I say there’s a lot worse out there you could be than a book nerd. Do me a favour, and try to embrace it like I do. If you own it, then they can’t hurt you. Don’t hide who you are. Good on you for loving books, the more of us there are out there the better I say!


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9 Responses to “Embrace it”

  1. My mum calls be a nerd. I agree with her.

    • Melissa says:

      haha I wear it proudly! I am a nerd, and I am totally cool with that. Nerd just means that you’re passionate about something. I don’t see anything wrong with that. ;)

  2. fishgirl182 says:

    agree with you on this. i i know that when you’re a teen it seems like what kids say is the whole world, but it really isn’t. it does get a lot better after high school.

    be proud of who you are and ignore those who can’t accept that.

    • Melissa says:

      Yep so true. I kept a journal through high school and I read it last year and wanted to cry for my 14 year old self who thought it was never going to end. Teenagers have it so much worse these days with the internet and facebook in my opinion, but it does get better. That part remains true!

  3. Great post! The word nerd is often thought as an insult so it just depends on how YOU look at it. Sure, I’ve always been geeky for books but over the last year or so with becoming a Buffy & Doctor Who fan, I’ve definitely embraced being a nerd more. It really all depends on how you look at it. If you think of it as a good thing and being true to yourself and being able to let your geekiness run free and being passionate about whatever it is you love, that’s awesome. It’s all about becoming being true to yourself and wearing the badge of nerdiness with proud rather than shame. Us nerds rock! Also, I LOVE that quote.
    Rebecca @ Reading Wishes recently posted…Blogspiration (14): Dreams Into RealityMy Profile

    • Melissa says:

      I think so too. I think if you embrace it and wear that with pride, then you take away the power anyone else had to use that against you in a negative way. Own it!

      I am nerdy for a lot of things. I am nerdy for books, for nintendo and video games, Batman and comics and all things superheroes. I go to comic conventions (yes, it’s true) and my ideal day out is to take my nephew to the comic shops and I buy him everything he wants (it’s my job).

      I used to be huge into pro wrestling when I was in high school and got picked on something shocking for it. High school ended, and what happened to me? I met a pro wrestler and we dated for 7 years, and I got to travel around the country and even step into the ring myself. HUGE geeky moments, but I followed my heart and did what made me happy! Everyone should be able to do that.

      There’s nothing wrong with loving what you love unashamedly. And if people wanna hate on you for that, then that’s their own problem. People bully others because of their own inner insecurities.

      Anyways, long winded but I totally agree with you Rebecca. Thanks so much for posting, I love people sharing their thoughts on things like this!

      And yes… I love that quote too. It resonated with me when I first saw it. :)


  4. Nothing wrong with nerds. I’d rather be smart and average looking than hot and dumb… although I would say “reading makes people smart” is a relative phrase. Let’s not forget all the GR drama other “smart” people instigated. Not very bright and educated IMO.

    In any case, go for brains first and beauty next!
    braine talk supe recently posted…Review+Giveaway: TRUST: A New Beginning by Cristiane SerruyaMy Profile

  5. Barmy_Bex says:

    Great post! You’ve hit on a subject that a lot of us have dealt with. You are totally right we need to wear our nerdiness, geekiness etc with pride.
    I was called names at school including nerd. One girl looked at me and said ‘you are such a freak!’ I just looked her in the eye and said, ‘thanks, that’s so sweet of you to notice.’ She never did bother me again, as she realised it didn’t bother me. I am proud to be different and nerdy.
    Thanks for sharing. :D x

  6. Lynn K. says:

    Good post, Melissa! I’ve never been outright bullied or commented on for loving books but I know people said a few things behind my back just because I wasn’t into the *popular* things. But in the end their opinions don’t matter.

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