Finding time to read.

So sometimes, life gets so hectic that I almost have to plan time to read. Is anyone else in the same boat?

Normally, reading is just one of those things that I always have time for. But there are times in your life that are of course more hectic than others, and that’s what’s happening with me right now. I work full time, and we’re currently in our busiest time of year right now (Thank goodness for Easter holidays in a couple of days!) and I am finding I am exhausted after work and either too tired to read or just wanting an early night’s rest. That makes it really difficult to squeeze in my usual night cap of reading.

And also, currently I’m enrolled in a 16 week course (I am 6 weeks into it) and this course is after work on a Tuesday night, so I am not getting home from that until after 9pm. Another missed reading opportunity.

Add in your normal social events, and suddenly, where is the time you used to have to enjoy a good read?


Anyways, what I have been doing, is waking up a little earlier in the morning so I can at least squeeze in an extra half an hour of reading time in the last couple of weeks, which has helped me stay a float. I have also been trying to double my weekend reading which has somewhat helped me also. It’s unusual for me to have so much happening in my life that I have to resort to this type of scheduling, and it’s why I’ve also been a little MIA from Twitter too (sorry Twitter peeps! I still loves you!).

Of course, like anything, my life will resume back to normal soon enough. But it got me thinking…. when life takes over, do you still try and make time for your reading? Whether it’s a hobby or you’re a blogger… how important is it to you that you get some book time in? :)

What do you think?

  • Next month is going to be like that for me, I just know it. It’s one of the busy times of the year for me at work. I’m dreading it. Hope work starts to let up so you have more time to read soon!

  • Anh says:

    I always try to read everyday no matter how busy I am! I try to read on the bus or read while waiting for class, read while eating (I know its bad but… lol). I also listen to audiobooks while working out! Just try to read every chance I’ve got.

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