Tattoos Inspired By Fiction #8 - Bookish Tattoos

Good morning! Welcome to another week of tattoos inspired by fiction. This week Kristy and I have picked the theme of books in general. Some of us love many books, and it’s not practical to favor one over all the others. So this week is about the book lovers and book worms out there who got ink to tell the world that they love reading!

What do you think?

  • Kaitlin says:

    Those are so cool. I like the second tattoo the best. It’s such a big one, and it’s not just the books, but the girl reaching for the books as well.

    “You be the book. I’ll be the binding.” I really like that one too. If I were to get any of them for myself, it would have to be that one. I like simple looking tattoos like that one.

    The owl is my third favorite. I love owls. :)

  • Carmen B. says:

    Oh wow. The one if the bookshelf and the ladder going up her entire spine is just amazing o.O I also love the one witht the many small books fluttering around on the person’s upper arms :) Bookish tattoos are just awesome! I really want to get another book-related one myself :)

  • Those are just insanely good inks! I wonder what design I should wear for myself? Haha.

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  • Some are a bit too big and too much for my taste, but I love the idea :D

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