Cakes Inspired By Fiction #2 - The Hunger Games

Sorry (not sorry) if our cake feature made you hungry last week - it certainly had both Kristy and I craving cake!! haha Kristy went hunting for some cake inspiration this week, and sent me through the most epic Hunger Game cakes ever! There’s actually so many of them that there’ll be a second post filled with even more Hunger Games cakes! Thanks so much Kristy! The irony is not lost on me… cake and The Hunger Games. lol Almost a shame to have to cut these cakes to eat them!

What do you think?

  • Maria says:

    Some of these look so good! I would have a hard time cutting into them. Looking forward to the next cake post!

  • … These look so delectable :O I’d want to eat them if only that wouldn’t totally ruin the cake! XD OMG the fourth one is so pretty >.>

  • Goldie says:

    Oh my gosh nice feature. Please feature Harry Potter-inspired cakes? :-)

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