National Bookshop Day 2015

Tomorrow, Saturday 8 August, is National Bookshop Day!

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that you should #LoveYourBookshop !!

Pop in to your local bookstore, buy a book and two, and show them your appreciation! Some stores around the country are holding special events, ranging from sales, to signings, to giveaways and all other sorts of bookish fun!

To show appreciation to some bookstores, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites. I wanted to share all my favourite stores across Australia - but sadly I haven’t been to every one (or to every state). But here is a list of some of my favourites.


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Volume 2 Bookshop, Launceston: This is one of my local favourites. Previously Fullers Launceston, Volume 2 has new owners, new name but still the amazing service you have come to expect. I love walking into Volume 2 and knowing that I will receive exceptional service!

Petrarch’s Bookshop, Launceston: This is another local favourite. A bookstore that stands the test of time, with a great selection, helpful staff and some amazing bookish events.

Fullers, Hobart: Fullers is my must stop when in Hobart. Along with great staff, service and selection, Fullers often have great author events. And failing all that, they have an in-store cafe - this is something I love in a bookstore!


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The Little Bookroom, Melbourne: The Little Bookroom in Carlton is a favourite of mine. But also, for children’s books and classics, do not forget about the CBD store! It really is little, but it full of awesome!

Dymocks, Melbourne: I love Dymocks on Collins St! There is nothing better than going down an escalator into a bookstore! Plus they have a great selection and you can often pick up signed copies here. I never leave without buying a few!


New South Wales

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Books Kinokuniya, Sydney: I love Kino (as it is often referred to as most can’t say it correctly). They have a great selection, and most importantly, they have an Aussie YA section! Be prepared to spend hours here - it is a huge store! And signed books are often found amongst the selections.

Dymocks, Sydney: Another great Dymocks store is the one in they Sydney CBD. I love the YA section of this store - it is huge! And this is another great place to pick up signed books :)

Gleebooks, Sydney: I do love Gleebooks. Although not right in the CBD, it is well worth the trip to find some hidden gems (and stop at a local cafe). They are also exceptionally helpful for over the phone/online orders.



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Berkelouw Eumundi Bookshop & Cafe, Eumundi: Wow. This bookstore is amazing! I fell in love the minute I walked in! They have an amazing selection of books, both new and secondhand - and some of the secondhand books as so amazing you are too scared to touch them! Don’t be fooled by the “remote” location, this store has everything you need!


Western Australia

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Viva Books, Busselton: I love this bookstore in the “small” coastal town of Busselton. It has a great selection, friendly staff and a few hidden gems.

Stefen’s Books, Perth: Stefen’s Books in Perth is another amazing independent bookstore. Super helpful staff and an amazing attitude towards their customers and their love for books is inspiring.


Sadly, I don’t have any favourites for South Australia, Northern Territory or Australian Capital Territory as I haven’t visited any bookstores there… I hope to rectify this problem soon. Please hit me up with your favourite stores in these states that I need to visit :)

If you head to your local local bookshop on National Bookshop Day, why not join in and share the excitement by following @NatBookshopDay on Twitter and use #LoveYourBookshop so we can all see your latest purchases and bookish shenanigans.


Do you have any favourite bookshops? Let me know in the comments below!

What do you think?

  • Oooh I didn’t know there was such thing as National Bookshop Day! That’s so awesome and I haven’t bookshop hunting so my answers are going to be pretty basic lol. My favorite “bookshop” is the book section at Target :P (lol) and Barnes & Noble. I usually buy my books online on Amazon.

    • Kristy says:

      I often buy books at department stores or online, due to convenience, but I do like to support local bookstores.
      I am sure there is something like National Bookshop Day in the US - you will have to keep an eye out and head down to B&N and see if they are doing anything exciting for it!

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